Eng Ch Dippersmoor Diester
1991 Dog, English, Line BB, Family 24.
Breeder and owner Mrs. B. Foden

Photo by Sonja Perklen
			Eng Ch Scarabrae Statesman
		Eng Ch Shezlynn Brown Velvet
			Allenbury Sunshine Kerry
	Allanvail Gold Degree
			Allanvail Gold Tradition
		Allanvail Gold Braid
			Allanvail Gold Link
Eng Ch Dippersmoor Diester
			Jefsfire Allanvail Gold Spark
		Eng Ch Lythwood Brandy Snap
			Lythwood Bonny
	Dippersmoor China Doll
			Myriehewe Spanish Crown
		Dippersmoor Daydream
			Allensway 'Bitta' Sweet at Dippersmoor
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