Eng Ch Marnham the Joker
1984 Dog, English, Line BB, Family 8.
Breeders and owners Mr. and Mrs. Pollard

Photo by Sonja Perklen
			Eng Ch Sharval The Delinquent
		Eng Ch Sandpiper of Sharval
			Chamwood Gay Girl
	Eng Ch Lythwood Sky Master
			Eng Ch Lythwood Snaffels
		Lythwood Snaffey
			Lythwood Spree
Eng Ch Marnham the Joker
			Moonraker from Mistmere
		Eng Ch Willow Tarn Telstar
			Willow Tarn Tea Dance
	Eng Ch Marnham Merry Maker
			Moonraker from Mistmere
		Muirburn Madame Butterfly at Marnham
			Marchgales at Muirburn
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