Eng Ch Longdells Petoski
1984 Dog, English, Line CHE (Yes Tor of Houghton Hill) Family 9 (Riverhill Rhythmic)
Breeders and Owners: Mr. and Mrs. M. Bray

Photo by Sonja Perklen
			Eng Ch Drumcauchlie Bumble Boy
		Eng Ch Salroyds Buzzer
			Salroyds Lavender Blue
	Eng Ch Longdells Petrocelli
			Eng Ch Francehill Persimon
		Longdells Belle Fleur
			Francehill Very Black
Eng Ch Longdells Petoski
			Scylla Mr. Valentino
		Rockaround Valenstar of Monkswood
			Rockaround Stormy Day
	Longdells Eloise
			Moccas Triple Crown of Monkswood
		Monkswood Morning Canter
			Eng Ch Monkswood Meridian
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