Kinnersly Blue Morn of Sheltieland Merle descent

None of the merle ROMs trace their merle genes to this bitch, though a numer of early merle Champions do. Note that the strongest effect comes through Canada, via the import Can Ch Coltness Camola. An asterisk (*) before the name means that both parents were merle; a pound sign (#) after the name indicates that I have no merle offspring in my file.

Kinnersly Blue Morn of Sheltieland
1. Blue Jacket of Pocono (d)
 2. Heathbrae Blue Star (b)
  3. Dark Lady of Pocono (b)
   4. Can Ch Coltness Camola (b)
    5. Blue Betty o'Thrums (b)
     6. *Lady Grey of Kesdale# (b)
    5. Blue Lady o'Thrums (b)
     6. Gary of Bethina (d)
      7. *Lady Grey of Kesdale # (b)
    5. Lady of Blue (b)
     6. Thousand Island Blue Dawn (b)
      7. Willow-Acres Camoflage (d)
       8. Willow-Acres Mood Indigo# (b)
       8. Hilmar's Silver Sequin (b)
        9. Can Ch Hilmar's Mood Indigo (d)
         10. Hilmar's Nellie Grey (b)
          11. Ch Trailview's Blue Million# (d)
       8. Hilmar's Silver Freckles (b)
        9. Hilmar's Blubelle# (b)
    5. Can Ch Quarrybrae Little Laurie (b)
     6. Quarrybrae's Little Blue Gem (b)
      7. Ch Charletta's Blue Mist (b)
       8. Charletta's Blue Belle# (b)
1. Pastel o'the Picts (b)
 2. Geronimo Little Dolly Grey (b)
  3. Polkadot o'the Picts# (b)
1. Sheltieland Pansy (b)
 2. Blue Splendor of Pocono# (d)


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updated March 8, 2010