Merle-line descendants of Noble Navy Blue

Unless otherwise marked, all dogs listed were blue merles. An asterisk (*) before the name indicates the dog is from merle to merle breeding. A pound sign (#) after the name indicates that I have no merle offspring in my file.

There have been and probably still are merle Champions that trace in direct merle line to Ch Sheltieland Thistle. But it does not appear that any of the Register of Merit blue merles obtained the merle gene from Ch Sheltieland Thistle through Noble Navy Blue. My file contains Alaskan Shelties as well as ROMs and ASSA Best of Breed dogs. Note that a dog may dead-end as far as merle transmission is concerned, but still be in the pedigree of a ROM through tri, bi or sable offspring.

1.  Ch Sheltieland Thistle (b)
 2. Noble Navy Blue (d)
  3. Timberidge Truth of Pocono (b)
   4. Kinswood Bluebird of Pocono (b)
    5. Ch Kinswood's Geronimo Jolly (d)
     6. Ch Geronimo Little Gray Gull (b)
      7. Geronimo Blue Flame (d)
       8. Geronimo Jack Frost CD (d)
        9. Bonnie B of Brockway# (b)
      7. A/C Ch Geronimo Silver Cloud (d)
       8. Autumn Bluetta Star (b)
        9. Autumn Blue Reflection CD (d)
         10. Ch Autumn# (d)
       8. *Can Ch Willow-Acres Camoflage II# (d)
       8. Burncranna Misty Blue (b)
        9. *Yankee Doodle Silver Lining# (b)
        9. Burncranna Dixie Blues (d)
         10. Yankee Doodle Lark on the Wind (b)
          11. Yankee Doodle Dawn Patrol (b)
           12. Yankee Doodle Silver Chalice# (d)
         10. *Yankee Doodle Silver Lining# (b)
     6. Geronimo Little Blue Galatea# (b)
    5. Geronimo Little Grey Gown (b)
     6. Ch Kinswood Smoke Cloud# (b)
    5. A/C Ch E-Danha Jolly o'Kinswood (d)
     6. E-Danha Blue Buttons and Bows (b)
      7. Ch Donovan's Silver Dollar (d)
       8. Silver Trey of Tobruk# (b)
       8. Tinker Toy of Tobruk (b)
        9. Ch Silver Chalice of Tobruk (d)
         10. Ch Tiree Hall Magic Nickel# (d)
       8. Blue Maeda of Tobruk (b)
        9. Ch Charvel's Blue Bell (b)
         10. Ch Perchance of Tobruk# (b)
     6. E-Danha Blue Velvet (b)
      7. E-Danha Mood Indigo (b)
       8. E-Danha Mr. Blue (d)
        9. E-Danha Dungaree Doll (b)
         10. E-Danha Spanish Lace# (b)
     6. A/C Ch Twinkle's Jolly Best Beau CD (d)
      7. Dorileen's Banjo Blues (d)
       8. *Dorileen's Swing Your Pardner (d)
        9. Dorisu's Mystic Music (b)
         10. Dorisu's Dappled Dude (d)
          11. Dorileen's Blue Caper CD (b)
           12. Dorileen's Silver Songbird CD (b)
            13. Ch Rogene's Silver Sir Lancelot CD (d)
      7. Dorileen's Waltz Time (b)
       8. *Dorileen's Swing Your Pardner (d, above)
     6. E-Danha Blue Shadow (b)
      7. E-Danha Blue Monday (b)
       8. Blue Michael of Evessa (b)
        9. Ch Glengyle Silversmith (d)
         10. Glengyle Bonnie Jean (b)
          11. Ch Glengyle Winter Wonderland (d)
           12. Willow Wand Blue Brocade# (b)
   4. Pocono Sheila of Grim's Dyke (b)
    5. Feracres Blueberry Pie (d)
     6. *Ch Sheltieland Little Jack Frost# (d, Larkspur)
   4. Pocono Pinto of Windy Oaks# (b, to Canada)
   4. Ch Blue Iris of Pocono (b)
    5. Bradwood True Blue of Pocono# (b)

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updated March 8, 2010