English Family 3C

Family 3C (Active in England, dormant or extinct in U.S.)
Chestnut Sweet Lady t (Collie, thought to be the same as Rubislaw Lady Fayre in F4)
  a. Chestnut Garland t
    b. U.S. Ch Sprig of Houghton Hill t
    [ Line CHE Part III dog]
  a. Chestnut Blossom g
    b. Betsey of Clerwood s
      c. Bracken of Clerwood s
        d. U.S. Ch Bodachan of Clerwood s
        [Line BB dog]
  a. Eng Ch Redbraes Magda t
    b. Melite of Clerwood
      c. Eng Ch Max of Clerwood t
      [Line CHE dog]
    b. Minna of Clerwood t
      c. Peabody Prunella s
        d. Peabody Paladin s
        [Line CHE Part I dog]
        d. Peabody Pauline s
          e. Peabody Peggy t
            f. Peabody Pegantwe t (Active English branch)
            f. Jill of Mariemeau t (Active English branch)
            f. Peabody Pegamy
              g. Peabody Silver Phantasy bm (imported to US)

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