1910 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

By 1910, the Sheltie was on a roll, registration-wise. However, only a small fraction of the dogs registered contributed to the future of the breed. Consequently, I have given the total registered each month in parentheses, but actually listed registration data only for those that I can verify are behind American pedigrees today.

January (17 total)

Lerwick Siguard, d, Mr. J. A. Loggie's, by Mr. Robertson's Trim - Mr. J. H. Hunter's Cary II (unr), May 22, '09. He was an important sire in Line LJA.

Lochnagar Helga, b, Mr. W. E. Milne's, by owner's Lochnagar Haakon (unr) - his Lochnagar Hilda (unr), Jan 11, '09. Behind Misty of Greyhill.

Shetland Balta, d, Mr. W. Bullock's, by Mr. Hunter's Jack (unr) - his Lassie (unr), Mar 26, '09. He Sired Braehead's Thora, the dam of Craigengelt Kep, sire of Hailes Babs, whose daughter Zepp produced UK Ch Hurly Burly. This dog shows up mostly in the early Greyhill lines. One of his daughters, Farne of Greyhill, is in the pedigree of Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill.

Spiggie Daisy, b, Mr. A. W. Henderson's, by owner's Prince (unr) - Miss B. Henderson's Ruff (unr), Sep 20, '07. She produced Crichton Olaf, see below.

February (2 total)

March (3 total)

Inverness Yarrow, d, Mr. C. F. Thmpson's, by owner's Inverness Hoy (unr) - his Inverness Patricia (unr), Apr 21, '09. Line IH.

April (6 total)

May (4 total)

June (9 total)

Northern Norna, b, Mr. D. Hunter's, by Mr. J. Linnie's Freddy - Mr. W. Leask's Moss (unr), Nov 1, '09. She carries down to Farnell Scottie, who sired both Aberlady Dot (Family 5) and Helensdale Trix.

July (1 total)

August (1 total)

Lerwick Lassie, b, Mr. J. Pate's, by Freddy (unr) - Mr. J. Loggie's Fanny I, Sep 4, '08. She was behind the dam of Kiravock Blue Cloud, who among others sired the import Kinnersley Blue Morn of Sheltieland.

September (2 total)

October (11 total)

Crichton Olaf, d, Mr. D. Parker's, by Mr. J. A. Loggie's Lerwick Jarl - Mr. A. W. Henderson's Spiggie Daisy, Mar 1, '10. Sire of one of the first two Ch Shelties in Great Britain, UK Ch Woodvold. UK Ch Woodvold, in turn, was behind a large number of the early Shelties that were later crossed with Collie mixes. In fact, Olaf himself was bred to a Collie, Gesta, to produce UK Ch Woodvold.

Lerwick Hakon, d, Mr. J. A. Loggie, by owner's Lerwick Jarl - his Lerwick Mira (unr), Oct 30, '09.

November (no registrations)

December (6 registrations)

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