1912 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 77 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1912. Of these, 5 appear in modern pedigrees. The individual registrations of those that bred on are below.

January (21 total)

Braehead's Thora, b, Mr. W. Watt's, by Mr. Bollock's Sheltland Balta - owner's Braeheads Lass, March 16, '11

Halcrow, d, Mrs. E. N. P. Burke's, by Mr. Robertson's Trim - Mr. Halcrow's Queenie (unr), Mar 7, '11.

February (2 total)

March (6 total)

Huntingdon Eric, d, Mr. H. V.D. Pinkey's, by Mrs. Morrison'sVictor (unr) - Mr. J. Leish's Fanny (unr), Dec, '08.

Lerwick Tweed, d, Mr. J. A. Loggie's, by owner's Lerwick Hakon - her Lerwick Daisy (unr), May 1, '11.

April (10 total)

May (2 total)

June (12 total)

Braehead's Laddie, d, Mr. W. Watt's, by Mrs. A. E. Givvs' Lerwick Siguard - owner's Braehead's Lass, Oct 24, '11.

July (2 total)

August (3 total)

September (6 total)

October (6 total)

November (3 total)

Lassodie Willie Winkie, d, Mrs. A. L. Dewar's, by [USA Ch] Lerwick Rex - Newton Flo, Sep 1, '11

December (2 total)

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