1913 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 59 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1913. Of these, 12 appear behind modern pedigrees. The individual registrations of those that bred on are below.

January (18 total)

Ashbank Laddie, d, Mr. G. Clark's, by Mr. A. Irvine's Dunrossness Ronald (unr) - Mrs. Mathewson's Fanny (unr), Mar 3, '12. Laddie sired Elsick Beauty, a dog important behind the female antecedants of the CHE line and Family 2 (through his daughter Kilravock Naomi)

Ashbank Roy, d, Mrs. G. Clark's, by Mrs. A. F. Gibb's Lerwick Siguard - Mr. W. Watt's Sachard's Lass, Oct 24, '11. Sachard's Lass is probably a typo for Braehead's Lass - owner of bitch is right, and this is the traditional pedigree. Roy was the sire of Farburn Prissy (Family 1), Berryden Nellie (dam of the very important Berryden Prince) and Yarta (Family 2.)

Chesham Tweenie, b, Mrs. J. M. Millar's, by owner's Brownie (unr) her Chesham Fluffie, May 9, '12. She is the granddam of Farnell Scottie, sire of Aberlady Dot. (Family 5)

February (12 total)

Dunrossness Queen, b, Mr. A. Irvine Jr.'s, by Mr. J. Robertson's Jim (unr) - Mrs. Tait's Flora, Nove 28, '09. Robertson's Trim is more often listed as the sire. Queen produced Dunrossness Ronald and Berryden Nellie (above)

Lerwick Regal, d, Mr. J. A. Loggie's, by owner's Lerwick Rex - Mrs. Williamson's Margarett (unr) Oct 2, '11. He sired Queen Olga of Thule (Family 19)

March (4 total)

Braeheads Rena, b, Mr. W. Watt's, by Mrs. Gibbs Lerwick Siguard - owner's Braehead Lass, July 7, '12. Rena was the dam of Peat, the first blue in the Stud Book (though he was reportedly a maltese blue rather than a blue merle.

Craigengelt Kep, d, Miss R. Wingate's, by Mrs. F. Burke's Halcrow - Mrs. H. B. Briggs' Braehead's Thora, June 22, '12. He sired Hailes Babs, Family 11.

April no record

May (5 total)

Clifford Sharper, d, Mr. W. Barnard's, by Mrs. B. Huband's Lerwick Jarl - owner's Flossie (unr), Oct 12, '12. This tricolor dog was the sire of Peat and two others behind modern lines.

Dunrossness Ronald, d, Miss E. Dawson's, by Help (unr) Mr. A. Irvine's Dunrossness Queen (shown as unregistered, though she appears as registered above), Jan 28, '11

June (4 total)

July (3 total)

Queen Osla, b, Miss M. Grey's, by Jock (unr) - Mrs. Linkbata's Pet Fluff, July 4, '11. She is high up on Family 19, and was an important early bitch at Greyhill.

August (2 total)

September (no record)

October (4 total)

November (4 total)

Berryden Nellie, b, Mr. R. Nicol's, by Mr. G. Clark's Ashbank Roy - Mr. A. Irvine's Dunrossness Queen, May 22, '11. Dam of Berrydon Prince, the double grandsire of Chestnut Rainbow.

Chesham Don, d, Mrs. J. M. Millar's, by Carlo (unr) - Fanny (unr), Aubust 20, '12.

December (3 total)

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