1914 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 72 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1914. Of these, 11 appear in modern pedigrees. The individual registrations of those that bred on are below.

January (21 total)

Elsick Beauty, d, Mr. W. Kynoch's, by Mr. G. Clark's Ashbank Laddie - owner's Tess, Oct 11, '13.

Lady Bretta, b, Miss E. Watson's, by Miss E. Dawson's Dunrossness Ronald - Mr. A. Irvine's Juga (unr), March 1, '13.

Tess, b, Mr. W. Kynoch's, by Mr. G. Clark's Lerwick Tweed - Mr. W. Bruce's Wait (unr), July 8, '12.

Yarta, b, Miss E. Watson's, by Mr. G. Clark's Ashbank Roy - his Ashbank Flora, March 2, '13. (Family 2)

February (7 total)

March (4 total)

[Chesham] Trix, b, Mr. J. M. Millar's, by owners Chesham Don - her Chesham Tweenie, August 18, '13.

April (7 total)

Wallace, d, Miss E. P. Humphries', by Butcher Boy (unr) - Jean (unr), Nov. '12.

Eng Ch Woodvold, d, Messrs W. B. D. Keith and J. C. Ramsay's, by Mr. D. Parker's Crichton Olaf - owner's Gesta (unr, actually a Collie), June 21, '13.

Shadforth Viking, d, Mr. G. W. Hoggan's, by Mr. P. Clarkson's Tresta Prince (unr) - Mrs. W. Georgesons Sandsound Isa, July 2, '10.

May (2 total)

Bunty, b, Mrs. M. M. Richards', by late Mrs. W. Cotton's Jock (unr) - her Lerwick Lassie, Nov 3, '13.

June (2 total)

July (7 total)

Queen Olga of Thule, b, Mrs. J. G. Linklater's, by Mrs. J. A. Loggie's Lerwick Regal - owner's Pet Fluff, Sept 4, '13.

August (5 total)

September (2 total)

Ashbank Olla, d, Mr. G. Clark's, by Miss Bruce's Nesting Topper - her Nesting Lassie, Feb 2, '13.

October (7 total)

November (3 total)

December (5 total)

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