1915 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 54 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1915. Of these, 4 appear in modern pedigrees. The individual registrations of those that bred on are below. Note that World War II was already having some affect on breeding.

January (13 total)

February (11 total)

Drumcree, d, Miss F. Ml Riches', by Mr. W. Barnard's Clifford Sharper - Owner's Martha (unr), July 18, '14.

Hailes Babs, b, Miss H. H. A. Wallace's, by Miss Wingate's Craigengelt Kep - owner's Hailes Bunty (unr)

March (3 total)

April (4 total)

May (1 total)

June (3 total)

July (5 total)

August (2 total)

September (2 total)

October (3 total)

Princess Xenia of Kilravock, b, Miss Thynne's, by owner's Woodvold - Miss Riches' Martha, April 14, '15.

Shadforth Bretta, b, Mr. G. W. Hoggan's, by Miss Thynne's Woodvold - Mr. J. Bonnyman's Shadforth Flossie (unr), Oct 7, '14

November (4 total)

December (3 total)

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