1916 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 44 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1916. Of these, 8 appear in modern pedigrees. World War II is having a stronger effect on registrations. The individual registrations of those that bred on are below.

January (6 total)

Berryden Prince, d, Mr. R. Nicoll's, by Mr. G. Clark's Ashbank Olla - his Berryden Mellie, Feb 17, '15.

February (4 total)

Peter, d, The Misses E. Dawson's and I Wilkinson's, by Miss Humphries Wallace - her Lady of Mountfort (unr), July 14, '15.

March (4 total)

Norland Perfection, b, Mr. T. R. Manson's, by Mr. Odie's Rex (unr) - Mr. Williamson's Fanny (unr), April 3, '15.

April (3 total)

May (4 total)

June (3 total)

Clifford Model, d, Mr. W. Barnard's, by Miss B. Thynne's Woodvold - owner's Flossie (unr), Oct 12, '15.

July (8 total)

The Colonel, d, Mrs. F. M. Cameron's, by Mr. W. Barnard's Clifford Sharper - Miss K. M. Steward's Missy (unr), May 10, '15.

Queen of Sheba, b, Miss K. M. Stewart's, by Mrs. Linklater's Bruno - her Muriel (unr), Feb 10, '15.

August (2 total)

Gorse Blossom, b, Mrs. H. F. Hunt's (ped unknown), June, '15. Foundation Family 8.

September (3 total)

Peat, Miss M. Grey's, by Mr. W. Barnard's Clifford Sharper - his Braehead's Rena, Jan 30, '16. This dog is reported to have been a uniform blue (possibly maltese dilute). He was the first blue to win a CC.

October (0 total)

November (3 total)

December (4 total)

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