1920 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 32 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1920. Of these,11 appear in modern pedigrees. Note the slow recovery from the war years.

January (2 total)

February (4 total)

Cromlet Leda, b, Mr. J. G. Saunders', by owner's Rip of Mountfort - his Cromlet Meadow Queen, April 12, '19. Family 2.

Cromlet Meadow Queen, b, Mr. J. G. Saunders', by Mr. J. Nicol's Berryden Prince - mrs E. Watson's Montie (Moutie), March 20, '17.

April (2 total)

Walesby Select, d, Mr. E. H. Phillips', by Miss Thynne's Kilravock Laddie - owner's Shadforth Bretta, June 1, '19.

May (6 total)

Hurly-Burly, d, Miss M. Grey's, by owner's Peat - Mr. E. Hurrell's Zepp, June 11, '19.

Siria, b, Miss M. Grey's, by Miss McDonald Stewart's The Colonel - Mrs. Huband's Queen of Sheba, May 31, '19.

July (6 total)

Foss, b, Mr. G. W. Hoggan's, by owner's Shadforth Viking - Mr. H. G. Hall's Bessie (unr), Aug 6, '19.

August (3 total)

Queenie of Redbraes, b, Mr. D. MacGregor's, by Mr. J. G. Saunders' Rip of Mountfort - Mr. W. Reid's Caleybove Rena, Feb 6, '20.

September (4 total)

Freda of Mountfort, b, Miss E. P. Humphries', by Wallas - Miss Gregg's Monagard, Dec 25, '19.

Monagard, b, Miss C. Grett's, by Clifford Model - Princess Nandi of Kilravock, May 5, '17.

Sodjer Laddie, d, Mr. A. Windram's, by Mr. A. J. Jamieson's Jeemie (unr) his Marion (unr), Nov 28, '19.

October (2 total)

November (2 total)

December (1 total)

Urquhart Jean, b, Mr. J. Dawson, s Farburn Pedro (unr), d Farburn Prissy, br, Mr. W. M. Saunders, May 29, '20.

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