1922 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 90 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1922. Of these, 16 appear in American Register of Merit pedigrees. Only the dogs behind ROM Shelties are given individually.

January (4 total)

Silverlining, b, Mr. J. G. Saunders, s Rip of Mountfort, d Teena, br, owner, Nov 3, '20. Note that Teena is not identified as a Collie, as she was on the registrations of Silverlining's littermate, Tiny Teena of Mountfort. Three other probable littermates (Ko Ko, Prentfield Bess, and Bayview Jack) were never registered, though they all appear in modern pedigrees.

Thule Billy, d, Miss M. Scotland; s Foch (unr) d Moolie (unr), br. Sgt. Gray, Feb 14, '20.

February (3 total)

Shenag, b, Mr. J. Wenden, pedigree unknown, Sept 15, '20.

March (2 total)

Benvolio, d, Mr. F. W. Hunt; s Walesby Select, d Gorse Blossom, br, owner, Apr 24, '21.

April (11 total)

Helensdale Ned, d, Mr. J. G. Saunders; s Rip of Mountfort, d Rosemount Tosie, br Mr. J. Murdo, Aug 31, '21.

Netherkeir Nellie, b, Mr. A. Watt; pedigree, breeder and date of birth unknown.

May (8 total)

July (1 total)

August (12 total)

Dandy Vic, d, Mr. W. M. Saunders, s Rip of Mountfort, d Farburn Bo Bo, br, owner, Jan 2, '22.

Farnell Scottie, d, Mr. A. G. Thomson, s Elsick Beauty, d Chesham Trix, br, owner, July 20, '21.

September (2 total)

October (16 total)

Bob of Mountfort, d, Miss E. P. Humphries, s War Baby of Mountfort, d Suzette of Mountfort, br, owner, May 1, '20.

Diana, b, Mr. A. Windram, s Hector (unr), d Lily (unr)br, Mr. J. Reid, Oct 21, '21.

Specks of Mountfort, d, Miss E. P. Humphries, s Rugus of Mountfort, d Ko Ko, br, Mr. D. MacGregor, Feb 23, '22.

Craigybarnes, d, Mr. J. R. Campbell, s Sodjer Laddie, d Shenag, br. Mr. Wenden, May 17, '22

November (3 total)

Viewfield Queen, b, Mrs. J. Brough, s Thule Billy d Cromlet Judy, br. Mr. J. G. Saunders, wh July 20, '21.

December (18 total)

Chinkie, d, Mr. A. Yule, s Ri of Mountfort, d Waspie, br, owner, March 19, '22.

Vega of Greyhill, b, Miss M. Grey, s Hurly Burly, d Siria, br, owner, Jan 7, '22.

Greyhope Tit-Bit, d, Mr. J. G. Saunders, s Berryden Prince, d Hermia, Mr. Mrs. E. Watson, Oct 10, '17. Not for competition.

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