1924 Shetland Sheepdog Registrations

A total of 133 Shetland Sheepdogs were registered in 1924. Of these, 23 appear in American Register of Merit pedigrees. Only the dogs behind ROM Shelties are given individually.

Jan. (21 total)

Chestnut Cadet, d, Mr. G. B. Caird, s Chink (unr), d Poppy (unr), br. Mr. G. Anderson, May 20, '22. Referred to as an Icelandic dog with a smutty muzzle in other sources.

Dondy Conqueror, d, Mr. J. Rae. s Bayview Jack (unr), d Bayview Mona (unr), br Mr. G. Murray, Oct. 29, '23.

Farburn Victrix, b, Mr. W. M. Saunders, s Dandy Vic, d Farburn Bo Bo, br, owner, Apr 1, '23.

Prince of Redbraes, d, Mr. D. MacGregor, s Rufus of Mountfort, d Flora of Redbraes, br, owner, Nov 5, '21.

Feb. (6 total)

Barham Twostroke, d, Miss O. Newnham Waite, s Walesby Select, d Nora of Mountford, br, Mr. E. H. PHillips, June 4, '23. This dog comes into modern pedigrees only through a probably manufactured pedigree behind Golden Spider of Houghton Hill, thought to be a Collie cross. He is the recorded sire of Chef of Houghton Hill, the sire (on paper) of Fly of Houghton Hill.

Willie Winkie, d, Mr. J. Newman, s Bob (unr), d Fannie (unr), br. Mr. W. Brown, Oct 15, '22.

March (2 total)

Gorse Cressida, b, Mr. H. Fisher Hunt, s Benvolio, d Barnston Cressida, br, owner, April 13, '23. Later transferred to Mrs. Baker, and became the key bitch in Family 8.

April (13 total)

Clootie, b, Miss W. Streater, s Titus, d Lotus (unr), br. Mrs. H. Harvey, Oct 4, '22.

Lady Newpark, b, Mr. A. Yule, s Reg of Mountfort, d Newpark Flowwie, br., Mr. Gibson, July 26, '23.

Pinnacles of Greyhill, b, Miss M. Grey, s Pict of Greyhill, d Farne of Greyhill, br, owner, Sep 15, '23.

May (6 total)

June (9 total)

Eltham Park Advance, d, Mr. E. C. Pierce, s Dornoch Laddie (unr) d Dornoch Nell (unr), br Mr. W. Chisholm, Jan 1, '23. This dog is considered to be a strong candidate for a Collie or Collie cross. He is the real head of Line DL.

July (19 total)

Granny of Houghton Hill, b, Mrs. E. Baker, s Sam (unr), d Little Red Riding Hood, br, owner, March 24, '24.

Polly of Houghton Hill, b, Mrs. E. Baker, s Peter Rabbit, d Mother Hubbard, br, owner, Jan 29, '24.

Shadow Princess of Houghton Hill, b, Mrs. E. Baker, s Kilravock Prince, d Blue Floss (unr), br, owner, Jan 1, '24. Family 9.

Teviot Violet, b, Mr. W. Alexander, s Bruce (unr) d Queen Olga of Thule, br Mrs. Linklater, Feb 23, '22.

Walesby Species, d, Mr. E. H. Phillips, s Specks of Mountfort, d Nora of Mountfort, br owner, Dec 12, '23.

Aug. (20 total)

Aberlady Wendy, b, Mrs. P. Goddard, s Glendale (unr), d Diana, br, owner, Feb 8, '24.

Chestnut Lady, b, Mr. G. B. Caird, s Chestnut Cadet, d Chestnut Queenie, br, owner, Sep 10, '23.

Sep. (15 total)

Oct. (8 total)

Farburn Stella, b, Mr. W. M. Saunders, s Dandy Vic, d Farburn Bo Bo, br, owner, April 1, '23.

Tresta, b, Mr. T. Sibbald, s Prince of Redbraes, d Shenag, br. Mr. R. D. Wendon, July 22, '23.

Nov. (5 total)

Aberlady Spotless, b, Mrs. P. Goddard, s Rip of Mountfort, d Diana, br, owner, Jun 28, '23.

Ronnie of Mountfort, d, Miss E. P. Humphries, s Specks of Mountfort, d Nan of Mountfort, br, Miss Sparrow, Apr 20, '24.

Dec (8 total)

Farnell Tibbie, b, Mr. A. G. Thomson, s Reg of Mountfort, d Silverlining (shown as unregistered), br Mrs. P. Goddard, wh May 9, '24.

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