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History of Babinette Mavourneen ROM

Babinette Mavourneen ROM was a sable bitch, bred by Bea Burdick and Libby Babin from Ch Vikingsholm Vilhelm ex E-Danha Cara Mia, whelped January 9, 1970. She was the dam of 5 Champions. She is Line CHE Part I and Family 2 Part V.

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Babinette Mavourneen ROM
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Producing Record of Babinette Mavourneen ROM

1. Ch Alnphyll Mr. Gallagher (D) (by Ch Cinnabar Alnphyll Voyager 1-75)
2. Ch Babinette Babushka (B) (by Ch Vikingsholm Tagsson 4-65)
3. Ch Babinette Beau Brummel (D) (by Ch Vikingsholm Tagsson 4-65)
4. Ch Babinette Better Times (D) (by Ch Vikingsholm Tagsson 4-65)
5. Ch Indian Creek That's My Boy CDX (D) (by Ch Indian Creek Night Stalker 11 77)

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