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History of Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM

Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM was bred by and produced for Thistlerose Kennels. She was a tricolor, whelped June 16, 1953, by Ch Timberidge Black Crusader ex Hobert's Tawny Lady. She produced 7 Champions, of whom the most important was probably Ch Thistlerose Arcwood Aladdin, the sire of 8 Champions. Aladdin was a very important influence on the early Banchory breeding. He was the triple great grandsire of Julaine's Wood Mist o'Cherden, the dam of Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em ROM. In fact, all of Classic Moderne's Champions except Blu Heather are behind more recent ROM Shelties. She is in Line CHE Part Iand Family 2 Part II.

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Photograph of Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM

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Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM
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Producing Record of Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM

1. Ch Thistlerose Arcwood Aladdin (D) [8] (by A/C/I Ch Blue Quest of Pocono)
2. Ch Thistlerose Blu Heather (B) (by Ch Northwood Regent of Karelane 10-60)
3. Ch Thistlerose Miss Park Avenue (B) [4] (by Thistlerose Spellbinder)
4. Ch Thistlerose Mister Broadway (D) (by Thistlerose Spellbinder)
5. Ch Thistlerose Silver Belle (B) (by Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono)
6. Ch Thistlerose Sun Dance (B) (by Ch Thistlerose Sir Reginald)
7. Ch Thistlerose V.I.P. (D) (by Ch Thistlerose Sir Reginald)
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