ASSA Futurity Results:

Preliminary and unofficial

May 19, 1997

6-9 mo dogs116 Kankun's Chmura
215 Kankun's Brett Favre
322 Ringsend Inside Trading
420 Prinhill Fall Into Darkness
9-12 mo dogs157 Macdega Advantage
275 Romyldale Perchance to Dream (?)
345 Sharokee Whispering Smith
459 Lochelven Prince of Thieves
12-18 mo dogs186 Daval Steal A Play
295 Virgo Broadway Joe
3110 Trevanne's Madrid
479 Ashburton Foxglove Nickelodeon
6-9 mo bitches1270 Jade Mist Once Upon a Lifetime
2245 Carloway Cotillion
3260 Ringsend Roxanne
4263 Skyecrest Symphony
9-12 mo bitches1275 Lynnlea's By Firelight
2272 Macdega Peacewynde Pasadena
3376 Shandoah Ambiance
4660 Peacewynde Kandisweet Mariah
12-18 mo bitches1397 Lynnlea's The Firebird
2344 Birchwynd's Ascension
3355 Halcyon Marfray Demands Attn.
4451 Fantasia Outrageous

Lynnlea's By Firelight

(Ch Farpointe's Endeaver x Ch Lynnlea's The Firestarter);
Breeders. Dorothy and Raymond Christianson; owners.Grace Kocoras and Sharon Uzarewicz

Runner up to Best in Futurity:
Lynnlea's The Firebird

(Ch Sundial Midas Revelation x Lynnlea's Playing With Fire)
Breeder/Owners Dorothy and Raymond Christiansen

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