ASSA Obedience Trial Results: Preliminary and unconfirmed

May 18, 1997

Novice A1197.5Heathermoor Bonnie Mackenzie
2196.5McDuff of Deveron CD NA
3196+Verla Cricket Gutknecht
4196Fiona Lyn Dream Come True
Novice B1199+Moribrook's In he Park
2199Crystalove Baby Grand CD
3198Eska's Ultimate Legacy
4194.5Jusdandy Brite Bernice
Open A1197.5Buddy's Lucky Day II CD
2196Citation Sirius Attitude CD
395.5+Encore's Go for he Gusto CD
4195.5Bryshire Starr of the Hollows CD OA
Open B1199OTCH Val-Laur Jo-Lyn Firethorn UDX TDX
2197Whirlwind First Edition CDX
3196.5+L'Allegro Out Of The Blue
4196.5Casino's Instant Bingo CDX
Utility A1190Blue Banners Unique Charisma CDX
2188.5Jo-Lyn's Rave on Bi
3184Sonny's Favorite Miss
4183.5Bear XXIII CDX
Utility B1197OTCH Da Shas' Josua Zachary's Hnr UDX
2196+Skyhills Tri Flying Solo UD
3196Jay-Jay Happy Seamus UDX
4193.5Skyhill's Lace UDX
Veterans1200Bilori Waywod Skyler Dancer UD
2197.5Penny's Rachel UD HS
3196Lone Oak's T C Travis UD NA
4195.5Wynnbar Shenanigans
Graduate Novice1194.5Cabriole's Crime of Passion CD
2193.5Tina Flying Blue Banners
3189.5Kaskia's Caleb Aleexander
4Encore's Go For The Gusto CD
Brace1194.5Rocket Timothy Thyme UD
Jet Surry Sage CD
2189Zack IV UD
Korkie the Korker UD
3188.5+Ozark Crest Ami Sunshinne CDX
Tobermory of Mull UDX TD NA
4188.5McKaye's Esprit Felicity CDX OA
McKayye's Grand Impulse UD NA
Team1749.5Dreamseed Mahogany Aurora CDX
Buddy's Lucky Day II CD
Lady Ashley XXV CDX
Cataway's Care Free Cotessa UD
2733Edgar Allen Po Bear
Blue Banners Unique Charisma CDX
FCh BlueHill's Blu Bi U CD
Griffin's Croy CDX
3722Hideaways Lady of Pocono CDX
Katherines Malibu Paradise CDX
Majak's Dandy Teddy Bear CDX
Gracelan Frosted Blue Berry's CDX
4680Uncle Frisco's Fearless Frank HS
Courtney's He's My Boy
Elbereth's To A Wild Rose CDX
Elbereth San Fra Frisco UDX

High in Trial (on runoff) was reprtedly the Open B winner, OTCH Val-Laur Jo-Lyn Firethorn UDX TDX
I am not certain yet who won high combined.
May 18, 1997

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