Banchory Nightingale 4-74

This bitch was registered as black and tan (probably in error), whelped May 24, 1972 and bred by Mr. and Mrs. D. Olson (Donna was Mrs. Olson at the time.) Reregistered as her own litter sister under the name Banchory Turtle Dove, but as a tricolor, and produced under that name:

The correct pedigree for Banchory Nighingale, whether as herself or as Banchory Turtle Dove, is:
               Ch Heir Apparent of Karelane bm
          Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM bm
               Wansor's Flashy Flame t
     Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM t
               Ch Badgerton Wit o'Meadow Ridge s
          Tiree Hall Solo's High-Lite t
               Ch Lochindaal Solo of Tiree Hall s
Banchory Nightingale
               Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM s
          Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM t
               Julaine's Wood Mist o'Cherden s
     Banchory Spun Honey s
               Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM t
          Banchory Honey-Comb s
               Ch Carmylie Lady Fair s

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