Banchory-Three Oaks Theme 2-76

This bitch was registered as tricolor, whelped November 16, 1973, bred by G. Lewis and D. Olson (Donna was Donna Olson at the time.) Reregistered in the 4-79 Stud Book as her own older full sister, birthdate October 22 1971, under the name Banchory Theme Song, and under that name produced:

The correct pedigree for Banchory-Three Oaks Theme, as herself or as Banchory Theme Song, is:
               Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM s
          Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM s
               Ch Diamond's Black Velvet t
     Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM t
               Banchory Phantom o'Four Winds t
          Julaine's Wood Mist o'Cherden s
               Banchory Golden Glow s
Banchory-Three Oaks Theme t
               Ch Thistlerose Arcwood Aladdin t
          Ch Banchory Royal Heritage CD s
               Banchory Bit of Gold s
     Banchory Jo-Jo Jean t
               Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM s
          Banchory Bright Angel s
               Carmylie Bliss o'Banchory s

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