Sheep Dog Commands and Definitions

These are the commands I use with Dot:
Come by: go clockwise around the stock
Away to me, or Away: go counterclockwise around the stock.
On either of these commands, the dog should continue on an arc wide enough not to disturb the stock until it is positioned to move the stock directly toward the handler, unless stopped by a "there" or "lie down."
Lie down: stop and lie down
There: stop and wait for the next command
That'll do: stop working and return to the handler
Come, Come here, Here: move toward the handler
Walk up: move toward the stock
Get back, Get out: move away from the stock
Easy, Steady: slow down
Balance: position yourself to keep the stock moving toward the handler

An outrun can be initiated by either a come by or an away to me. The dog runs around the sheep in the direction indicated, stopping by itself and turning into the sheep when it reaches the balance point.

The balance point is the position the dog must take so that the sheep move directly toward the handler to escape the dog.