Gallop in the horse (single suspension, transverse)

This is a racing Thoroughbred, covering one mile in 1 minute 47 seconds. The rider position is typical of the late 19th century, when Muybridge took these photos.

Photo 1. Pushoff from lead foreleg.

Photos 2 though 4. Suspended phase. Note that all four feet are drawn together under the horse. Distance covered (fore hoofprint to landing rear hoofprint) 2.2 meters.

Photos 5 and 6. Support from non-lead rear leg.

Photos 7 and 8. Support from both rear legs. 1.0 meters between prints of rear feet.

Photos 9 and 10. Support from lead rear and non-lead fore. Note diagonal support in transverse gallop. 2.10 meters between supporting hooves.

Photos 11 and 12. Vaulting phase. Weight on non-lead foreleg. This is probably the phase that creates the optical illusion of the extended, "flying" position at the gallop. The two forelegs touch down 1.55 meters apart.

Photos 13, 14 and 15. Support on lead foreleg only. Photo 15 shows preparation for pushoff to suspended phase.

Photo 16. Pushoff, same as photo 1.

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