Trot in the Horse

The trot is a diagonal two-beat gait, with periods of suspension between the periods of diagonal support. In the ideal trot, the diagonals move exactly together. In the real trot, the forefoot may be slightly ahdead of the diagonal hind foot.

Left, diagonal support on right hind and left fore. Center, pushoff by right hind and left fore, right fore very slightly ahead of left hind. Right, suspension phase.

Left, end of suspension phase, right fore and left hind about to touch down. Center and right, diagonal support on left hind and right fore. Note mane flapping up as horse lands.

Left, late in diagonal support phase, left hind and right fore supporting. Center, pushoff for suspended phase. Right, suspended phase. Note that mane flaps down as the horse pushes off.

Diagonal support phase, right hind and left fore.

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