Gallop in the Dog (single suspension, rotatory)

Photo 1, takeoff for suspended phase.

Photo 2, suspended phase. Note that the left front leg has left the ground, while the left hind leg (visible as a horizontal bar just behind the knee of the left foreleg) is still well above the shadow on the ground. Like the horse, the dog in a single suspended gallop is off the ground with legs drawn together under the body.

Photo 3, one leg rear support, and photo 4, both rear leg support.

Photo 5, fore and hind support. In contrast to the transverse gallop, where the support would be diagonal, in the rotatory gallop the support is lateral. In the single suspended gallop there is no extended suspension phase.

Photo 6 support on one foreleg with other just ready to touch down.

Photo 7. Second foreleg ready for pushoff for suspended phase.

Photo 8 actually slightly later in suspended phase than photo 1, with hind foot almost touching down but not yet flexed.

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