Gallop in the dog (Double suspension, rotatory)

Photo 1, whippet in contracted suspension phase. Note clearance between feet and shadow, and flexion of spine.

Photo 2, support on both rear legs (camera did not catch support on right rear alone). Note the position of the elbow. Photo 3, pushoff for extended suspension phase.

Photo 4. Landing from extended suspended phase. Camera did not catch extended suspension phase on this stride, but see below photo 8.

Photo 5, preparing to push off for contracted suspended phase and photo 6, contracted suspension phase, almost ready to touch down with rear foot.

Photo 7, slightly later in stride than photo 2, support on both hind legs. Photo 8 fully extended suspension phase. This phase is seen only in the double suspended gallop, or while jumping.

Photo 9, landing from extended suspension phase. Copare position of right elbow eith photo 2. Photo 10, support shifting from left to right foreleg. Photo 11, pushoff for contracted suspension phase, right foreleg still carrying weight.

The spacing between photos was .049 seconds.

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