Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM

Pedigree breakdown by imports

Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM traces back to a somewhat larger number of imports than does Peter, but the general picture is similar, with the Wee Laird and Peabody Pan being the most important dogs, while Ch Ashbank Fairy, Natalie of Clerwood, and Ch Downfield Grethe dominate the female ancestry. Probably the major difference between High Born and Peter is the absense of Ch Rocket of Exford behind High Born, much weaker influence of Ch Bodachan of Clerwood, and the prominance of the two blue bitch imports, Peabody Silver Phantasy and Ch Sheltieland Thistle. The relatively high influence of Dancing Master and Sprig behind High Born also suggests the Pocono influence in his pedigree.

Imported AncestorPercentNumber
Ch Wee Laird O'Downfield31.23%1,685
Ch Peabody Pan13.26%302
Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt6.98%364
Eng Am Ch Catmore Chum4.59%13
Ch Bodachan of Clerwood3.94%178
Ch Sprig of Houghton Hill2.28%112
Eng/Am Ch Rob Roy of Page's Hill2.14%57
Denty Lad0.89%19
Ch Nicholas of Exford0.86%20
Nutkin of Houghton Hill0.76%26
Sheltieland Little Tay0.61%4
Merriott Mackeral of Bogota0.57%13
Ch Farburn Captain0.50%37
Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie0.29%35
Tilford Tartan o' Sheltieland0.28%10
Ch Laird of Exford CD0.27%3
Eltham Park Ensor of Far Sea0.14%8
Misty of Greyhill0.07%28
Peabody Paladin0.05%6
Tilford Tammas of Bushwave0.05%1
Ch Tilford Tulla0.04%2
Ch Ashbank Fairy7.27%607
Natalie of Clerwood6.93%273
Ch Downfield Grethe6.28%437
Peabody Silver Phantasy2.67%56
Ch Sheltieland Thistle1.37%58
Ch Helensdale Marigold of Walnut Hall0.89%14
Ch Kinnersley Blue Morn of Sheltieland0.60%26
Dinah of Sedgemoor0.57%15
Ch Toonie Bridget of Crawleyridge CD0.54%4
Helensdale Lassie0.57%25
Eltham Park Eclat 0.36%28
Peabody Palmetta0.34%17
Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland0.33%11
Tilford Tinette0.20%1
Ch Helensdale Myrtle0.20%1
Eng/Am Ch Eltham Park Esme0.13%23
Farburn Ellaline0.10%10
Glenisla Elegance0.08%8
Kilravock Lassie0.07%28
Ch Eltham Park Elyned of Far Sea0.07%6
Foldgate Biddy0.01%1
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