Contribution to ROM pedigrees

Lynette is a good example of an import who heads a distinguished family (Family 12 Part III) while having relatively little overall influence on the breed.

The percent column shows Lynette's total contribution to the pedigree of each ROM whelped after she was born; the number column shows the number of times Lynette appears in the full pedigree.

Keep Goin' ROM7/16/330.00%0
Lady Diana of Rowcliffe ROM8/7/330.00%0
Ch Merrymaker of Pocono CD ROM10/10/350.00%0
China Clipper O'Page's Hill ROM6/13/360.00%0
Ch Merry Meddler of Pocono CDX ROM1/2/370.00%0
Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM7/21/380.00%0
Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM6/22/390.00%0
Tiny Penny of Walnut Hall CD ROM7/15/390.00%0
Ch Mountaineer o' Page's Hill ROM5/18/410.00%0
Ch Prince George O'Page's Hill ROM6/9/420.00%0
Ch Timberidge Temptation ROM6/9/420.00%0
Ch Sheltieland Shasta Geronimo ROM2/22/446.25%1
Ch Musket O'Page's Hill ROM2/7/450.00%0
Annie Laurie of Cross Acres CD ROM1/1/463.13%1
Ch Songstress O'Page's Hill ROM5/21/460.00%0
A/C Ch Olympic Fairy Flower CD ROM9/13/460.00%0
Ch Frigate's Emblem of Astolat ROM7/6/470.00%0
Ch Kinswood Citation ROM4/14/490.00%0
Ch Shelt-E-Ain Reflection O' Knight ROM6/4/500.00%0
Ch Geronimo Crown Prince ROM8/25/503.13%1
A/C Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM1/21/510.00%0
Ch Va-Gore's Bright Promise ROM5/4/510.00%0
Timberidge Crown Jewel ROM8/8/523.13%3
Ch Astolat Future Emblem ROM10/26/520.00%0
Ch Brandell's Break-A-Way II ROM12/6/520.00%0
Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM6/16/531.17%2
Ch Chisterling Falkirks Flame ROM4/22/540.78%1
Ch Larkspur's Replica of Pocono ROM3/21/550.00%0
Ch Kawartha's Sabrina Fair ROM5/9/550.39%1
Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM3/22/560.00%0
Ch Kawartha's Match Maker ROM12/7/560.20%1
Ch Blue Heritage of Pocono ROM5/6/570.00%0
Ch Stylish Miss of Hatfield ROM6/10/570.00%0
A/C Ch Pixie Dell Bright Vision ROM6/17/570.00%0
Ch Gra-John's Little Tim Tam ROM5/27/580.00%0
Ch Kawartha's Fair Game ROM6/1/580.20%1
Ch Elf Dale Viking ROM6/29/581.95%3
Faharaby Blue Babe of Pocono ROM3/16/590.00%0
Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM2/3/601.17%2
Ch Kerianne Sweetquean ROM3/26/600.63%6
Ch Chisterling Florian ROM5/8/600.15%2
Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM10/26/600.39%1
Lodgewood Sonata ROM4/6/610.00%0
Malpsh Her Royal Madjesty ROM12/24/610.20%1
Ch Dan-Dee's Portrait in Gold ROM3/9/621.12%8
Ch Westwood's Suzy Q ROM5/29/620.24%5
Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM11/2/620.10%1
Pris ROM12/21/620.20%1
Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM3/8/630.20%2
A/C Ch Malpsh Great Scott ROM11/23/630.29%2
Ch Tiree Hall Single Image ROM5/6/640.49%16
Ch Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM7/11/640.90%8
Ch Barwoods Bold Venture CD ROM3/1/650.10%1
Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM7/13/650.20%3
Ch Shu-La-Le's Sweet Charity ROM4/10/660.00%0
Banchory Mist O'Brigadoon CD ROM5/7/670.16%5
Kismet's Rubaiyyat ROM11/30/670.28%9
A/C Ch Banchory High Born ROM2/27/680.39%22
Ch Lobo Dell Tangerine O'Dorlane ROM3/11/680.88%13
Ch Barwood Scotchguard Sonata ROM5/11/680.24%4
A/C Ch Ilemist Impossible Dream CDX ROM7/1/680.71%15
Ch Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD ROM11/9/680.76%21
Ch Willow Wand Touch O' Gold ROM12/9/680.13%6
Ch Lingard Golden Glow ROM5/9/690.38%12
Babinette Mavourneen ROM1/9/700.02%1
Ch Brigadoon Merrilon I'm Ready ROM3/18/700.17%5
Merri Lon The Blue Tail Fly ROM4/29/700.15%22
Ch Creekview's Bit of Honey ROM8/2/700.74%16
A/C Ch Astolat Galaxy CD ROM8/9/700.17%5
Ch Sundowner Mr Bojangles CD ROM7/17/710.69%28
Ch Lingard Centurion O'Cahaba CD ROM8/1/710.29%15
Ch Calcurt Luke ROM2/28/720.31%33
Ch Rockwoods Talk To Me ROM3/9/720.43%36
Banchory Reflection ROM4/9/720.47%53
Ch Barwoods Rhapsody ROM4/20/720.22%7
Marisu's Jewel of Arrowhead ROM5/28/720.29%35
Ch September's Rainmaker ROM6/27/720.31%28
Ch Philidove Kismet Heir Borne ROM7/26/720.29%25
Ch Heatherland's Simon Says' ROM8/8/720.24%39
Ch Banchory Thunder Blue ROM1/4/730.66%55
Ch Gerthstone's Jon Christopher ROM1/8/730.25%21
Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM7/26/730.44%50
Ch Dorlane's Kings Ransome ROM10/1/730.52%26
Ch Kismet's Conquistador ROM12/15/730.60%71
Ch Barwoods Raincheck ROM4/11/740.26%35
Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM7/28/740.19%15
Ch Shulale Miss Muffet's Tuffet ROM10/1/740.12%9
Harvest Hill's Twilite Tear ROM11/8/740.57%80
A/C Ch Banchory Back Stop ROM11/25/740.47%148
Ch Banchory The Cornerstone CD ROM3/6/750.37%34
A/C Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM10/3/750.58%108
Tull E Ho's Love Token ROM11/26/750.27%48
A/C Ch Barwoods Weather Report ROM1/20/760.26%38
Ch Dorlane's Touch of Class CD ROM3/20/760.44%43
Ch Cahaba's Touch The Wind ROM4/18/760.27%21
Shylove's Rockwood Show Off CD ROM4/18/760.28%35
Ch September The Convincer ROM4/19/760.28%61
Ch Wayanet's Magic Sandman ROM4/19/760.19%88
A/C Ch Macdega Mainstay ROM5/4/760.37%132
Ch Chosen Jubilation CD ROM5/8/760.23%67
Ch Naripa Etudes Lochnan Ballad ROM8/24/760.30%153
Ch Northcountry Westering Son ROM10/13/760.21%9
A/C Ch Rorralore-Sportin' Chance CD ROM1/4/770.32%34
Ch Karelane Royal Flush O'Kismet ROM5/22/770.47%112
Ch Banchory Formal Notice ROM7/21/770.42%87
Ch Emphasis Tarocco CD ROM7/29/770.32%35
Ch Rosmoor Robert of Migadala ROM10/27/770.56%184
Banchory I'll Stand Bi ROM2/22/780.63%183
A/C Ch Sir Joshua of Winslow ROM6/6/780.25%20
Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM6/8/780.49%215
Century Farms Country Charm ROM6/15/780.31%155
Ch Windhover Sweet Music Man ROM8/4/780.35%81
A/C Ch Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM5/11/790.44%365
Ch Karral Good Times ROM7/31/790.29%65
Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM9/29/790.24%116
Ch SumerSong Winter Shadows ROM12/21/790.57%658
Lanlee's Buster Brown ROM2/13/800.42%244
Ch Macdega The Piano Man ROM3/25/800.53%266
Barwoods Formal Attire ROM5/13/800.35%187
Ch Noradel Cimarron ROM6/20/800.42%466
Shadow Hill's Double Trouble ROM6/30/800.50%326
Ch Banchory Classic Image ROM7/16/800.52%247
Ch Cahaba Miss Elegant o'Jer-nic ROM8/6/800.45%627
Ch Kismet's Dynasty ROM9/17/800.45%248
Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM2/2/810.45%353
Ch Shadypines The Elizabethian ROM2/27/810.51%301
Simmore Sensational Success ROM6/11/810.56%369
Ch Rockwoods Gold Strike ROM11/8/810.31%73
Am/Can Ch Primo Trojan Prince CD ROM12/6/810.41%275
Ch Milords Sunkist of Merridon ROM5/17/820.32%427
Ch Andale A Sportin Venture ROM6/2/820.24%96
Ch Marwal Steppin' Out ROM7/12/820.28%216
Regalia Gleneagle Keepsake ROM8/10/820.29%220
Ch Sunnybrook's Image Maker ROM9/3/820.24%116
Ch B'Field Cryst'l Blu Persuasion ROM9/27/820.48%367
Ch Macdega Maserati ROM10/30/820.44%468
Ch Minos Remember My Name ROM12/25/820.45%137
Sunebank Winter Holiday ROM3/24/830.57%463
Ch Ilemist Gorgeous George CD ROM5/18/830.34%167
Am/Can Ch Benayr Westwind Contraband ROM6/24/830.28%280
Ch Benayr Here Comes Trouble ROM6/24/830.28%280
Ch Fourwinds Go For The Gold ROM7/30/830.39%497
Ch Glenwood Puttin' On the Ritz ROM8/18/830.49%470
Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM4/23/840.39%746
Benayr Make My Day ROM5/2/840.26%286
Ch Caitlin's Blaze 'n Chariots ROM5/10/840.44%399
Ch Merridon's Ranchhand o'Milord ROM6/22/840.28%543
Ch Midas Citation of Sundial ROM7/9/840.28%213
Ch Teaberry Lane Hullabaloo ROM7/13/840.30%498
Ch Brandywines Ryans Hope ROM3/15/850.27%350
Ch Banchory Peerless ROM4/22/850.51%1,806
Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Ryan O'Neil ROM5/21/850.27%460
Ch Hochstedler Thanks Odyssey ROM9/23/850.31%841
Am/Can Ch Willow Layne's Makin' Out ROM10/26/850.29%714
Shadow Hill's Opening Nights ROM12/18/850.48%730
Ch Fourwinds Light The Way ROM3/16/860.33%777
Ch Barwoods Legal Tender ROM4/30/860.29%516
Am/Can Ch Barwoods Impact ROM4/30/860.29%516
Ch Barwood Cabriole Razors Edge ROM6/4/860.26%310
Ch Macdega Sultana ROM7/7/860.41%1,043
Ch Macdega DeNiro ROM7/17/860.42%1,668
Ch Teaberry Lane Royl Tycoon ROM8/19/860.32%526
Ch Caledon Partly Cloudy ROM12/15/860.51%1,193
Am/Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM6/28/870.27%920
Ch Barwoods Karmun Jubilee ROM5/15/880.30%1,228
Ch Brandywines Prime Time ROM7/4/880.26%506
Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM2/10/890.35%1,484
Am/Can Ch Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer ROM6/2/890.30%498
Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM6/20/890.48%3,238
Ch Dundee Amos Moses ROM1/15/900.39%3,366
Ch Mainstay Cameo Farms Model ROM4/18/900.29%1,700
A/C Ch Duluta Fist Full of Dollars ROM8/20/910.32%2,254
Average since 19600.37%
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