Felthorn Magpie
1991 Dog, English, Line CHE, Family 3C (Jill of Mariemeau).
Breeders Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Thornley; Owner Mrs. McLaren.

Photo by Sonja Perklen
	          Forestland Poacher
	     Eng Ch Rockaround Night Hawk
	          Rockaround Bluetta
	Shelbrook Lover's Moon
	          Shelbrook Moonlighting
	     Shelbrook Bianco
	          Eng Ch Shelbrook Whispering Waves
Felthorn Magpie
	         Skerrywood Suede In Black
	     Eng Ch Pepperhill Naughty but Nice
	         Royal Sheena of Hilmisk
	Eng Ch Felthorn Cornflower
	         Shelbrook Moonlighting
	     Eng Ch Felthorn Lady
	         Felthorn Marionette
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