Comments on Lines and Families

Wendy of Wyndora I am following the spelling in the English charts (as of 1990) here. Original sources give Wendy of Windora. (Return to English Family 3B)

Jill of Mariemeau This bitch carries down to modern English Family 3C primarily through her daughter Mariemeau Black Bonnet, a tri-headed white.
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Eltham Park Anahassitt. This is one of the dogs imported from Eltham Park whose official pedigree is incorrect. Her English export pedigree, English registration, and registration in the AKC Stud Book state that she was by Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka ex Eltham Park Emmie, whelped August 1 1926 and bred by E. C. Pierce. The Allens claimed that she was of their breeding, by Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka but out of Aberlady Dot. In my mind, the Aberlady Dot pedigree is pretty firmly supported by the fact that Emmie is also recorded as the dam of Eltham Park Estelle, whelped June 1 1926, just two months before Anahassitt's recorded birth date. The official Family trace puts her in Family 1. (Return to English Family F5)

Sparkle of Houghton Hill
. This bitch was originally registered as Sparkle, and produced Houghton Hill Crystal under that name. Her name was changed to Sparkle of Pipestyle in 1949, and she appears under that name as the dam of Houghton Hill Crystal in the English Stud Book AG (1950). However, she appears as Sparkle of Houghton Hill in the 1990 English charts. I have kept this name for compatability with the English Charts, but a correction to the ESSC charts is probably needed. (Return to English Family 8.)

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