ASSA 1997 Open and Excellent Agility Photos

Open Agility, 12 inch division: no qualifying runs.

Open Agility, 16 inch division:

First through fourth places, left to right:
Miamor's Colite Honey of a Time CDX (Katherine A. Kass)
Sundown Make Believe Angel CD NA (Sally Ann McNamara
Caravell in the Nick of Time CDX OA (Jill B. Baranowski)
Verla Cricket Gutknecht (Mary Gutknecht)

Open Agility, 20 inch division:

First Place:
The Earl of Campbell Glen CDX NA (Mary Campbell)

Agility Excellent, 12 inch division:

First through fourth place, left to right:
Shawna's Grand Prix Relay AX (Debbie and Dennis Brink)
McKayehs Mischevious Revenge UD MX (Kory Kaye)
Thornedge's Wind Runner (Virginia A. Nafzger)
O'Davak's Surprise Miracle AX (Deb Stein)

Agility Excellent, 16 inch division

First through fourth place, left to right:
Tartan Terrain Just Imagine CD AX (Joan and Greg Oberhelman)
Jusdandy Brite Spot CDX HS AX (Gary W. Frank, handler Claudia Frank)
Trinity Little Howler AX (Judy Keller)
Shawna's Kin Charisma (Debbie Brink)

No qualifying scores in Agility Excellent 20 inch division.

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