ASSA National Agility Trial
May 19, 1997

Preliminary and unofficial results
Judge: Gail Storm 167 dogs entered

Novice A Photos
12"110052.28Levi Five-O One Blues UDX
210057.13Rasam Taffy of Westwood
39050.95Malachi One Way or Another
16"110045.54Clancy Our Jackpot Choice
210046.74Cravel Lifes A Lark
310047.34Wildrose Shenanigan Stew
410051.92Glenkirk The Blue Baron
20"19559.28Tailasin Lucky MacDuff

Novice B Photos
12"110052.68Palay's Rumrunner Luciano
29540.05Thornedge Stryke Up The Band CGC
38553.86Hobi's First Editiion
16"110038.89Marchwind Royl Side Show
210043.31Trinity Jusdandy Bogart
310051.30Starhaven's Leaping Blue Boo CD
49838.40O'Bay Joy toe the World CDX HT

Open Photos
16"110059.48Miamor's Colite Honey of a Time CDX
210059.56Sundown Make Believe Angel CD NA
39565.00Caravell in the Nick of Time CDX OA
49051.38Verla Cricket Gutknecht
20"19064.22The Earl of Campbell Glen CDX NA

Excellent Photos
12"110052.63Shawna's Grand Prix Relay AX
210060.00McKayehs Mischevious Revenge UD MX
310062.51Thornedge's Wind Runner
49866.69O'Davak's Surprise Miracle AX
16"110057.29Tartan Terrain Just Imagine CD AX
210057.31Jusdandy Brite Spot CDX HS AX
310058.08Trinity Little Howler AX
410059.54Shawna's Kin Charisma

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