Ch Dark Lagoon o'Page's Hill CC

Tricolor dog, Birthdate January 4, 1960, Breeder Florence Levine
Line CHE Part I; Family 12 Part I, call name "King"
Winner of 100 BBs, including 3 Specialties


			Ch Brandell's Ben-Hur
		Ch Brandell's Bric-A-Brac II CD
			Brandell's Bronze Bubbles
	Ch Brandell's Break-A-Way II ROM
			Ch E-Danha Overture
		Brandell's Bettina of Tobruk
			Ch Brandell's Butterfly CD
Ch Dark Lagoon o'Page's Hill CC
			Ch Musket o'Page's Hill ROM
		Ch Va-Gore's Brigader
			Ch Creole Babe o'Page's Hill
	Dark Miss o'Page's Hill
			Ch Arthea Blue Sparkler
		Ch Jessamyn o'Page's Hill bm
			Alford Heatherbloom

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