Ch Etwin's L'il Timmie o'Cor-Mik CC

Sable dog, whelped June 5, 1963, breeder Mrs. Myron M. Gauger.
Line CHE Part IIc; Family 12 Part II, call name "Timmie"
Timmie garnered 103 Best of Breeds between 1964 and 1970


			A/C Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM
		Ch Thistlerose Milord
			Ch Thistlerose Temple Belle
	Ch Thistlerose Top Billing
			Thistlerose Spellbinder
		Ch Thistlerose Miss Park Avenue
			Ch Thistlerose Classic Moderne ROM
Ch Etwin's L'il Timmie o'Cor-Mik
			Ch Timberidge Target
		Timberidge Nicholas o'Cor-Mik
			Timberidge Letitia
	Lady Linda of Cor-Mik
			Ch Timberidge Bobby o'Cor'Mik
		Candy Kiss o'Cor-Mik
			Ch Princess Sheltie o'Cor-Mik CD

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