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History of Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM

Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM was bred by Edith Nash Hellerman, but spent most of his life at Sea Isle. "Goldie" was a sable and white, whelped January 21, 1951, by Ch Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM ex Nashcrest Rhythm. He was outstanding in terms of refinement of skull, movement (when not overweight), and profusion and quality of coat. He was an outstanding show dog, with 8 Working Groups and 105 best of breeds to his credit, including Best of Breed at the ASSA National in 1954. His muzzle and head planes were not as good as Kiltie's, and many of his best descendants come through breedings with Kiltie daughters.

Note sired 26 Champions, including 3 Register of Merit Shelties. He and Ch Sheltieland Kiltie o'Sea Isle were largely responsible for the Sea Isle strain that carries on today via the descendants of Ch Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM, Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM, and Ch Chenterra Thunderation ROM. He is in Line CHE Part IIc and Family 3B. All of Lines CHE Part IId, IIe and IIf also descend tail male from this dog.

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Producing Record of Am/Can Ch Nashcrest Golden Note ROM

1. Ch Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM (D) (ex Timberidge Sandstorm)
2. Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM (D) (ex Ch Sea Isle Serenata**)
3. Ch Stylish Miss of Hatfield ROM (B) (ex Ch Bonnie Lass of Hatfield*)
4. Ch Badgerton Alert Alec (D) (ex Badgerton Lady of Emeral)
5. Ch Browne Acres Bandleader (D) (ex Ch Browne Acres Blossom)
6. Ch E-Danha Babalu (D) (ex E-Danha Manahttan Serenade)
7. Ch Golden Pines Wee Angus (D) (ex Hieland Holly 4-56)
8. Ch Hatfield's Stardust (B) (ex Ch Bonnie Lass of Hatfield*)
9. Ch Katie-J's Ronny (D) (ex Katie-J Colleen)
10. Ch Kildoona Tori of Sea Isle (B) (ex Sea Isle Lady Judith*)
11. Ch Notable Lad of Sea Isle (D) (ex Ch Bonnie Lass of Hatfield*)
12. Ch Ray-Eden's Golden Chord (D) (ex Ch Ray-Eden's Rhapsody 5-49)
13. Ch Ray Eden's Golden Dove (B) (ex Ch Ray-Eden's Derby 2-56)
14. Ch Rosslynn's Magic Touch (B) (ex A/C Ch Rosslynn's Dainty's Dividend)
15. Ch Sea Isle Autumn Glory (B) (ex Sea Isle Summer Song)
16. Ch Sea Isle Cadenza (D) (ex Ch Sea Isle Serenata**)
17. Ch Sea Isle Merchant Prince (D) (ex Bagaduce Hannah of Sea Isle*)
18. Ch Sea Isle Rebecca (B) (ex Sea Isle Lisbeth 3-50)
19. Ch Sea Isle Serenata (B) [3] (ex Ch Sea Isle Sandra*)
20. Ch Sea Isle Sheila (B) (ex Ch Sea Isle Sandra*)
21. Ch Sea Isle Stanza of Astolat (D) (ex Ch Sea Isle Serenata**)
22. Ch Sealect Christmas Holly (B) (ex Timberidge Sandstorm)
23. Ch Sheltilore Queen o' Hearts (B) (ex Ch Sheltilore Cover Girl 2-56)
24. Ch Thistlerose Milord (D) (ex Ch Thistlerose Temple Belle)
25. Ch Timberidge Honey Gold (B) (ex Ch Timberidge Black Velvet)
26. Ch Timberidge Target (D) (ex Ch Timberidge Black Velvet)

*Daughter of Ch Sheltieland Kiltie o'Sea Isle
**Granddaughter of Ch Sheltieland Kiltie o'Sea Isle

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