Animal Genetics

Internet articles by Sue Ann Bowling, author of the science fiction novel, Homecoming.

(Note that many are off site.)

Basic Genetics (still under construction - how genes work, dominant, incompletely dominant and recessive genes, breeding probabilities, Punnett squares, etc.)

  • Part I, single locus
  • Part II, multiple Loci
  • Part III, linkage and crossing over
  • Part IV, relationship of traits to genes (single locus)
  • Part V, relationship of traits to genes (complex inheritance)
  • Test breeding I: to determine whether a dog carries a recessive gene
  • Test breeding II: to test whether a gene is at a particular locus
  • Test breeding III: to determine the genetics of a trait

Population Genetics (also still under construction.) How selection of different kinds can change the overall genetic makeup of a breeding population.

  • Part I, selecting against an undesirable gene when gene frequency is relatively low
  • Part II, Reducing a high gene frequency while retaining genetic diversity

Inbreeding and line breeding. What are the effects on the genome?

Coat Color Genetics in Dogs (Basic color genetics, all breeds, including comments on colors where DNA work has changed our understanding of genetics.)

Size as an example of additive inheritance (A possible explanation of why size is such a problem in breeding Shetland Sheepdogs)

Relationships between color genes and deafness in dogs (off site; another person's work).

Movement - the gaits used by quadrupeds.

References for the genetics section, including links to other genetics websites.

What color is that puppy in the window, (Black, yellow and chocolate in Labrador Retrievers) (off site)

Palomino and Merle -- Too much of a good thing (Overdominance) (off site)

We are Siamese if you please (The Himalayan color gene) (off site)

"Ringstreaked, speckled, and spotted" (White markings in domesticated mammals) (off site)

Hair color (The agouti gene) (off site)

Merle Genetics (Practical information on breeding merles)

Sable Merle photographs.

History of color breakdown in Shelties, using dogs registered in the UK Stud Book and Shelties who are US Champions.

Analysis of the inheritance of merle in US Shelties.

Photo list of Shelties on this site, indexed by color. Some unusual, rare and undesirable colors are included.

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