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History of Peabody Paladin

Peabody Paladin was a sable dog, bred by Miss E. Peabody Montgomery and whelped June 10, 1930 in England. He was imported by Mary G. Porter and registered in the US at about a year of age. He plays a very minor role (under a tenth of a percent) in modern pedigrees. Even that may be overstated, as there is some question about the paternity of Gregor MacGregor of Bagaduuce. He is Line CHE Part I and Family 3C.

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Photograph of Peabody Paladin

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              Chestnut Rainbow
         Redbraes Rollo
              Chestnuut Sweet Lady (Collie)
    Eng Ch Gawaine of Cameliard
              Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
         Grizel of Clerwood
              Golden Lady of Mountfort
Peabody Paladin
              Eng Ch Specks of Mountfort
         Eng Ch Eltham Park Eureka
              Princess of Mountfort
    Peabody Prunella
              Seton Baldur (by Chestnut Bud)
         Minna of Clerwood
              Eng Ch Redbraes Magda

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Producing Record of Peabody Paladin

1. Gregor MacGregor of Bagaduce (sbl d) ex Eroica o'Page's Hill
2. Jeanie o'the Hielands (tri b) ex Hedwig of Bagaduce

Mary van Wagenen advised me that "Eroica" was mated to Ch Ace of Anahassitt as well as to Peabody Paladin, and she always believed that "Gregor" was probably by Ace rather than Paladin.

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