Key Imported Shetland Sheepdogs

Sue Ann Bowling

The Shetland Sheepdog throughout the world is based on British breeding. In the United States, a relatively small number of imports, most of whom came to this country from the British Isles between 1929 and 1936, provided virtually all of the genetic material of the modern American Sheltie.

The imports listed here will eventually include all of those appearing behind the pedigrees of Register of Merit Shelties, ASSA Best of Breed Shelties, and Century Club members. (I have not included spme Canadian imports of pure USA breeding.) Kennels are listed in order of their first importation for the most part, and dogs within a kennel are listed in order of their appearance in the AKC Stud Book. The year is the year the dog appeared in the AKC Stud Book, and the letters and numbers following give the line and family. At this point, if I have a photograph it is in in the file. Clicking on the dog's name will take you to a page about the dog; clicking on the line and family will take you to the line or family charts behind the dog, in the country of origin.

Sheltieland Kennels, Catherine Coleman Moore

Kilravock Lassie  (sbl b) 1923; Line CHE and Family 3
Misty of Greyhill  (sbl d) 1926 BB F19
Ch Farburn Captain  (sbl d) 1927 BB F2
Farburn Ellaline  (sbl b) 1929 BB F2
Helensdale Lassie  (tri b) 1929 CHE(B) F5
Ch Sheltieland Thistle   (bm b, in utero import) 1930 BB (MBP) F5
Tilford Tessa of Sheltieland (sbl b) 1931 BB F4
Tilford Tartan o'Sheltieland  (sbl d) 1931 BB F4
Kinnersly Blue Morn of Sheltieland  (bm b) 1933 BB (MBP) F7A
Nutkin of Houghton Hill  (sbl? d) 1934 CHE(N) F7A
Peabody Palmetta  (sbl b) 1934 BB(MBP) F1
Sheltieland Little Tay  (sbl d) 1935 CHE(R) F1
Denty Lad  (tri d) 1935 CHE(R) F1
Alford Adorable   (sbl b) 1944 from Canada. Line CHE Part IIa, Family 12 Part I

Far Sea Kennels, Frederika Fry Del Guercio

Eng/Am Ch Eltham Park Esme  (sbl b) 1926 BB F1
Eltham Park Ensor of Far Sea  (sbl d) 1928 BB F2
Eltham Park Bluette of Far Sea  (bm b) 1929 BB F1
Eltham Park Eclat of Far Sea  (sbl b) 1931 BB F1
Ch Eltham Park Elyned of Far Sea  (sbl b) 1932 BB F2
Eng Ch Max of Clerwood  (tri d) 1933 BB F4

Anahassitt, Mrs. W. F. Dreer

Eltham Park Anahassitt  (tri b, to Harkness Edwards) 1928 BB F5
Ch Wee Laird o'Downfield  (sbl d) 1929 CHE(L) F2
Ch Downfield Grethe  (b) 1929 CHE(L) F2
Natalie of Clerwood  (tri b) 1929 CHE(L) F6
Ch Ashbank Fairy  (sbl b) 1930 CHE F(L)2
Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt<  (tri d) 1930 CHE(N) F8
Eng Ch Tilford Tinette  ( tri b, sold to Beech Tree) 1930 CHE(R) F4
Ch Bodachan of Clerwood  (sbl d) 1931 BB F3C
Ch Sprig of Houghton Hill  (tri d) 1931 CHE(N) F3C
Ch Tilford Tulla  (sbl d) 1931 BB F4
Lynette  (sbl b, sold to Bagaduce) 1933 CHE(R) F12

Page's Hill, Mr. William Gallager and J. Nate Levine

Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Laddie  (tri d) 1931 CHE(B) F5
Foldgate Biddy  (sbl b) 1931 CHE(R) F12
Ch Helensdale Sapphire  (sbl b) 1933 BB F4
Eng/Am Ch Rob Roy of Page's Hill  (sbl d) 1935 BB F2
Alford Heatherbloom  (from Canada) 1940 LJA F12
Alford Miss Heatherbelle  (from Canada) 1940 LJA F12

Walnut Hall, Mr. And Mrs. H. Willis Nichols, Jr.

Helensdale Pamela of Walnut Hall
 (sbl b) 1934 BB F10
Ch Helensdale Marigold of Walnut Hall  (sbl b) 1935 BB F2
Golden Lady of Walnut Hall  (sbl b) 1936 CHE(L) F2
Ch Nicholas of Exford  (sbl d) 1936 CHE(N) F4
Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Forget-Me-Not  (sbl b) 1937 BB F12
Ch Helensdale Myrtle  (tri b) 1939 BB F12

Pocono, Elizabeth Whelen

Peabody Silver Phantasy  (bm b) 1935 BB(MBP) F3C
Ch Peabody Pan  (sbl d) 1936 CHE(R) F1

Bogota, Elsie Hydon

Merriott Mackerel of Bogota  (bm d) 1937 CHE(N) F8
Dinah of Sedgemoor  (tri b) 1937 BB F3B

Imported to Canada before World War II

Nan of Mountfort  (b) 1930 BB F12
Can Ch Sable Naneen  (b) 1930 CHE* F12
Wizbang Godiva  (b) 1930 BB F12
Can Ch Wizbang Joy  (b, in utero) 1930 CHE(R) F12
Wizbang Easter Hero  1931 (d) CHE(R) F2
Can Ch Marbles of Greyhill  (d) 1931 LJA, Bo Peep
*The CHE line on Can Ch Sable Naneen comes through Blue Ray of Houghton Hill rather than through one of the Chestnut Sweet Lady offspring.

Others before World War II

Peabody Paladin   (sbl d) 1931 CHE(R) F3C (Mary Porter)
Tilford Tammas of Bushwave   (sbl d) 1932 CHE(R) F4 (Mrs. G. H. Edgell)
Glenisla Elegance  (tri b) 1932 CHE(L) F1 (Robert Braithwaite)

War Refugees sent to the US by Lt. Colonel B. Russell

Eng/Am Ch Catmore Chum  (tri d) 1940 CHE(R) F4
Ch Laird of Exford CD  (sbl d) 1940 CHE(N) F2
Ch Toonie Bridget of Crawleyridge CD  (tri b) 1940 BB(MBP) F9

After World War II

From England

Ch Rocket of Exford  (tri d) 1950 CHE(N) F4 (Oak-Lawn Kennels)
Welldalecote Gain  (sbl d) 1950 BB F25(provisional) (Ray-Eden Kennels)
Am/Can/Eng Ch Crag of Exford  (d) 1951 CHE(N) F8 (Miss Sim)
Wistful of Exford  (tri b) 1951 CHE(N) F8 (Elsie Hydon)
Eng Ch Ellington Esquire o'Boarzell (sbl d) 1952 Line CHE Part III Family 1 (Joy Swann)
Swingalong from Shiel  (sbl b) 1954 Line BB Family 13 (Catherine Black)
Hallinwood Skylon  (sbl d) 1954 BB F8 ( Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Mittag, in Canada)
Golden Web of Houghford  (sbl d) 1955 BB F2 (Walnut Hall)
Helensdale Lanna  (sbl b) 1955 BB F1 (Lisette Brown)
Keynote of Oastwood  (sbl d) 1955 CHE(N) F9
Ch Helensdale Windrush  (sbl d) 1957 BB F13

From Canada

Am/Can Ch Robin of Ronas Hill  (sbl d) CHE(R) F2
Ch Orange Flare of Ronas Hill  (sbl d) CHE(R) F2
Can Ch Willow-Acres Patty  (sbl b) BB F12
Hilmar's Bubblin' Over  (sbl b) CHE(R) F5
Rosslyn's Replica  (tri d) CHE(L) F2
Wynfield's Best Try  (tri b) CHE(L) F12
Am/Can Ch Brevstar's Rocket of Helreg CD  (sbl d) CHE(L) F12
Can Ch Willow-Acres Golden Encore  (sbl d)CHE(L) F12