English Family 12

(Dormant in England, active in U.S.)
  a. Letterston Fanny
    b. Princess Nandi of Kilravock t
      c. Monagard
        d. Nan of Mountfort s (imported to Canada, behind all US Family 12)
          e. Wizbang Godiva (imported to Canada) (US Part I)
            f. Can Ch Wizbang Joy (imported to Canada in utero)
          e. Can Ch Sable Naneen (imported to Canada, with Part I)
          e. Pam of Stradsett s (US Part II)
            f. Pam's Peg s
              g. Helensdale Jewel s
                h. Eng/Am Ch Helensdale Forget-Me-Not s (imported to US)
                h. Helensdale Sheena
                  i. U.S. Ch Helensdale Myrtle t (imported to US)
            f. Foldgate Biddy s (imported to US)
          e. Eltham Park Elise s (US Part III)
            f. Eng Ch Margawse of Cameliard s
              g. Lynette s (imported to US)

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