English Lines

There are seven lines that have produced Champions or CC winners in Great Britain: TPR (Tresta Prince), LWW (misnamed after Lassodie Willie Winkie, who was actually a BB dog), IH (Inverness Hoy), DL (Dornoch Laddie), LJA (Lerwick Jarl), BB (Butcher Boy) and CHE (Chestnut Rainbow)> The first four died out early, though at least three of the four do have descendants alive today through females. LJA, the first strong male line in Sheltie history, survived at least into the 1930's in Canada, although it also is probably gone as a male line. BB is the dominant line today almost everywhere except North America and countries whose Sheltie lines are based on American imports, while CHE rules in North America.

Line TPR, Tresta Prince

Treta Prince
  a. Shadforth Viking s
    b. Eng Ch Foss s [Family 15 bitch]
    b. Dick s
      c. Lady Coya s [Eng CC, Family 15 bitch]
      c. Eng Ch Larkbeare Rusk s
        d. Larkbeare Sultana Cake t [Eng CC, Family 12 bitch]

Line IH, Inverness Hoy

Inverness Hoy t
  a. Inverness Yarrow b&w
    b. Kilravock Laddie t
      c. Eng Ch Walesby Select s. (imported to US) Although this dog produced no sons who carried on in male line, he comes into most modern pedigrees through his daughters Brendagard (Family 12) and Barnston Cressida (Family 8) and sons Benvolio and Barham Two Stroke (both behind early Houghton Hill lines).

Line LWW, (Lassodie) Willie Winkie

  a. Bob
    b. Willie Winkie t
      c. Derian Firefly t [Eng. CC winner]
      c. Winkie
        d. Bruce of Halstead
          e. Ros Mairl [Family 3 bitch] (imported to Canada with her son, Wizbang Easter Hero)

Line DL, Dornoch Laddie

Bobby Lad
  a. Dornoch Laddie s
    b. Eltham Park Advance s. This dog, although he sired only two litters and his pedigree is suspect, played a critical role in the early Eltham Park breeding program. Four of his daughters are in modern pedigrees: Eng Ch Eltham Park Ellaline, Eltham Park Emmie, Treffynon Tessie and Eltham Park Dinah. Emmie in particular dominates Family 1.

All of the remaining three lines produced dogs or bitches imported to the US and/or Canada and appearing behind ROM Shelties through North American offspring> These lines are, in order of their earliest registered members:

LJA (Lerwick Jarl, foundation sire Thor) This line, the first dominant line in the breed, is probably extinct today, though it survived at least into the mid 30's. It produced two Family 12 Part I bitches imported from Canada to the US: Alford Heatherbloom and Alford Miss Heatherbelle.

BB (Butcher Boy, foundation sire Butcher Boy) This is the dominant line today in most countries outside of North America. The BB line got its real start from the crossing of Wallace, a son of Butcher Boy registered in 1914, with the small Collie, Teena. All modern BB lines also come through sons of daughters of CHE sires descended from another Collie, Chestnut Sweet Lady.

CHE (Chestnut Rainbow, foundation sire Nesting Topper (sired by Tweed or by Trick in early handwritten pedigrees) This is the modern US line. It still exists in Great Britain and elsewhere, but produces only a small percentage of Championships and CC's outside of North America. The US and British CHE lines derive from different members of the litter sired by Chestnut Rainbow ex the Collie, Chestnut Sweet Lady, in 1924.

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