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Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM: Sable and white dog, bred by J. Arnold and whelped April 23, 1984. Sire: Ch Macdega Maserati ROM; dam: Glenhart Ring of Gold. As of the end of the July 1998 Gazette, "Jeep" was the sire of 45 Champions, including 3 Register of Merit sires and an ASSA Best of Breed winner. He is Line CHE Part IId and Family 5 Part II.
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Producing Record of Ch Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM

1. Ch Bertlin's Cabaret Dancer (B) (ex Fairwyn's Moonlighting1-87)
2. Ch Cindahope Golden Girl (B) (ex Ch Cindahope Serendipity 4-86)
3. Ch Cindahope Heart of Mine (B) (ex Ch Cindahope Serendipity 4-86)
4. Ch Cindahope Picture This (B) (ex Ch Cindahope Serendipity 4-86)
5. Ch Crocodile Dundee (D) (ex Heritage Rosebud)
6. Ch Karral Dream Time (B) (ex Ch Karral Bell Ringin' Time 5-83)
7. Ch Karral Special Times (D) (ex Ch Karral Bell Ringin' Time 5-83)
8. Ch Lakehill King o' the Road (D) (ex Ch Lakehill Heritage Crystal)
9. Ch Lakehill Lanbur Continental (D) (ex Ch Lakehill Heritage Crystal)
10. Ch Lingard I Am Music (D) (ex Lingard Golden Elegance)
11. Ch Louimar Bi Request HC (B) (ex Louimar's Seneca Serenade CD HC)
12. Ch Macdega Deniro ROM (D) (ex Macdega Ultra Violet)
13. Ch Macdega Malibu ROM (D) (ex Oh Mi The Spirit of November 1-89)
14. Ch Macdega Seneca Celebrity CD (B) (ex Ch Louimar's Seneca Serenade CD 12-87)
15. Ch Moonglow's Play It Again (D) (ex Moonglow's Shady Sadye 2-86)
16. Ch Nan-Jen's Grand Larceny (B) (ex Brook-View's Storybook Blue)
17. Ch Saranac Dunade Hi Kaskade (B) (ex Saranac Liberty Belle 2-88)
18. Ch Saranac Grand Ambassador (D) (ex Saranac Liberty Belle 2-88)
19. Ch Tobermory Jesse's Girl (B) (ex Ch Candray Mirror Image)
20. Ch Woodbridge Contessa (B) (ex Ch Woodbridge Nice and Easy)
21. Ch Oh Mi Grand Illusion (ex Oh Mi Jolene)
22. AM/CAN CH Trevannes Almost Heaven D956502 10-91
23. CH Sumersong Violets Are Blue D887418 3-92
24. CH Barwood Just Because DL430127/01 6-93
25. AM/CAN CH Macdega Monopoly D905642 9-93
26. CH Montage National Velvet DL381875/05 10-93
27. CH Sumersong The Stone Cutter II DL395026/01 2-94
28. CH Cindahope Potpourri DL352094/05 9-94
29. CH Sherando Mercedes DL467929/01 10-94
30. AM/CAN CH Trevannes Grand Am CD D956501 10-94
31. CH Montage The Last Boy Scout DL434601/02 3-95
32. CH Barwoods Sportabout DL454913/05 5-95
33. CH Barwoods Cast A Spell DL473363/01 7-95
34. CH Barwoods Entrepeneur ROMDL430127/05 9-95
35. CH Sharokee Dreams Of Me D889497 9-95
36. AM/CAN CH Twilight Temptations DL401416/03 11-95
37. CH Catamount Gypsy Queen DL335220/01 11-95
38. CH Rhythm's Whisper In The Dark DL491844/01 11-95
39. CH Karral Penny Ante DL339067/01 2-96
40. AM/CAN CH Virgo Charlie Chaplin DL456830/02 10-97
41. CH Mystix Bi-Destiny DL511936/01 10-97
42. Ch Bronwyn Atlanta
43. Ch Bronwyn Overdrive
44. Lynnlea's Catered Affair
45. Ch SumerSong Dream Scape

Information current through August 1999 Gazette, courtesy of Bob Miller.

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