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Sue Ann Bowling

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This is a list of top producing Sheltand Sheepdogs, with links to further information (color, breeder, birthdate, photo if available, 3-generation pedigree, and Champions produced) on individual dogs. Most of the dogs on the list are Register of Merit (ROM) Shelties. This is a title granted by the American Shetland Sheepdog Club to dogs that have sired 10 or more Champions and to bitches that have produced 5 or more Champions. This list now includes all of the Register of Merit (ROM) Shelties through September 1999. Individual pages for ROM Shelties are now in the file for all ROM Shelties. These pedigrees provide a lot of information on early Sheltie history. In general, photographs are available if I have them. The original list was set up in the late 80's. I no longer have the time or the eyesight to keep up with the in-depth profiles on each dog, though I have updated the ROM list itself with help from Bob Miller.

For Shelties whelped before 1970 and most whelped before 1975, this list should be complete and accurate. Statistics on later dogs may well be incomplete, especially as the use of frozen semen increases. (Am/Can Ch Banchory High Born ROM, for instance, died over 10 years ago, but he still has young offspring in the show ring.)

This list also includes some producers who did not actually qualify for the ROM. The criterion for including individual dogs is based on the idea that a dog's production record is as important as its show career. Thus instead of counting only Champions in determining top sires and dams, I count Register of Merit offspring as well. A Champion ROM counts the same as two Champions. The effect is allowed to propagate backward. Thus, for example, Ch Malpsh the Duke of Erle (Johnny) was the sire of 9 Champions plus a non-Champion ROM: Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM. He thus gets a revised count of 10 and goes on the list. Johnny's sire, Ch Sea Isle Serenade ROM, gets an effective increase of offspring counting toward his ROM. Johnny's dam, Sea Isle Dusky Belle, was the dam of 3 Champions and 2 non Champion ROM daughters, so the Duke of Erle puts her up to an effective count of 6. Dusky Belle's dam, Bagaduce Hannah of Sea Isle, had 4 Champions, so Dusky Belle puts her effective count up to 5 and she goes on my list. I want to emphasize that these extra dogs are not ROM Shelties, but I think their contributions are worth noting. Eventually, this will allow display of their photographs and give another generation of the pedigrees of some of the ROM Shelties. In this version, the extra dogs have been moved to the bottom of the list for their sex.

As of September 1999, all of the ROM offspring lists have been updated with help from Bob Miller. To speed things up, I have added the new Champions in his format, without attempting to renumber. There are still some discrepaancies in the offspring listed and the numbers, I believe due to questions as to which of the latest months are included.

If you have more information on a dog's history or a better photo, or see a mistake (including links that don't work correctly), contact me at:
Sue Ann Bowling /

I will be happy to trade extended pedigrees of ROM Shelties for photos I can post on the Internet.

This latest version of the ROM list includes inbreeding coefficients for each of the ROM shelties. These are calculated on the assumption that Jean of Anahassitt and Ch Kim o'Page's Hill were not Collie crosses. The real inbreeding contributions of these dogs may be much lower.

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