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Am/Can Ch Alfenloch Ryan o'Neill ROM: Sable and white dog, Canadian bred from Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM ex Can Ch Alfenloch Brooke Shields. "Sunny" was whelped 5/21/85. Sire of 38 US Champions, including 2 ROM Shelties, and 73 Canadian Champions. He is Line CHE CHE Part IIf and Family 12 Part III.
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        Ch Sunnybrook's Matchmaker
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   Ch Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM/ROMC
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Ch Alfenloch Ryan o'Neil ROM/ROMC
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        Alfenloch Take Notice
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Producing Record of Ch Alfenloch Ryan o'Neill ROM/ROMC

1. AM/CAN CH Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM/ROMC D791203 10-89
2. AM/CAN CH Trilight If Looks Could Kill D825404 8-90
3. AM/CAN CH Alfenloch Grandhill Eclipse D954604 6-91
4. CH Mainstay Cameo Farms Model ROM DA011014 7-91
5. CH Malpsh Canadian Mist D999902 1-92
6. CH Stillacres Crowd Pleaser D966187 2-92
7. AM/CAN CH Cameo Farms Be My Mainstay DL332350/01 8-92
8. CH Silverdrift's Shadow Dancin DL394526/01 8-92
9. AM/CAN CH Mainstay Cameo Farms Nico D996860 9-92
10. AM/CAN CH Grandhill Heartland DL387255/01 1-93
11. CH Mainstay Quintessence DL409453/05 6-93
12. CH Chisterling Rockhill O'Ryan DL429202/03 8-93
13. AM/CAN CH Haven House Bronwyn Hylite DL409453/04 5-94
14. CH Kankun's Patrick O'Neil DL413633/01 5-94
15. CH Suncrest Paragon DL376573/02 6-94
16. CH Cameo Farms Mainstay Melody DL380439/01 7-94
17. CH Zion's Texas Spirit DL441978/01 8-94
18. CH Cameo Farms Friday Night DL409453/06 9-94
19. CH Bronwyn Neil Diamond DL422445/01 11-94
20. CH Chisterling Wildoak Big Deal DL429202/02 3-95
21. CH Brownlee Sunset Fan Dancer DL368775/04 3-95
22. CH Grandhill Chartin Heartstealer DL457334/01 5-95
23. AM/CAN CH Trevannes Just One Look DL485289/01 7-95
24. CH Brownlee Brass Tax DA009677 10-95
25. CH Kankun's Jennifer O'Neil DL413633/02 11-95
26. AM/CAN CH Classy's Wall Street DL394527/01 1-96
27. CH Trevanne's Canvas On Ice DL464766/01 3-96
28. Ch Goldenhylite's Shenandoah
29. Ch Harbor's Aurum Mustang Sally
30. Ch Absolutely Impressive
31. CH Mainstay Sea Oak Orion DL403170/01 4-97
32. CH Stillacres Chit Chat D966186 6-97
33. AM/CAN CH Rainbeau The Secret Garden DL501721/01 6-97
34. CH Barwoods Cause For Applause DL435922/01 6-97
35. CH Starlites Birchwoods For Luv DL455670/03 7-97
36. Ch Zion's Tuff-E-Nuff
37. Ch Stillacres High Finance
38. Ch Oakview's Leave it to Beaver

(Production record through August 1999 Gazette courtesy of Bob Miller.)

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