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Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM: Sable and white dog (tri- and white-factored), bred by K. and C. Howell and whelped February 10, 1989 by Ch Glademist Dueling Banjos ex Jade Mist Social Climber. "Dillon" is the sire of 35 Champions. Line CHE Part IIb, and Family 4.

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               CH Legacy Steela Breeze
          CH Catomco's Steela Holiday
               Catomco's Judy Holiday
     AM/CAN CH Glademist Dueling Banjos
               CH Rosmoor Robert Of Migadala ROM
          Lanbur Breeze On By
               Lanbur Wayanet Mary Hartman
CH Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM
               CH Jade Mist Suntide
          CH Jade Mist A Case In Point
               Parlays Dallas Of Jer-Nic
     Jade Mist Social Climber
               AM/CAN CH Barwoods Weather Report ROM
          CH Jade Mist Windspell
               CH Jade Mist Woodwind Chimes HC

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Producing Record of Ch Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM

1. CH Ourcroft Just Beyond DL362560/04 11-92
2. CH Malpsh Unforgetable DL395793/04 5-93
3. CH Jade Mist Backward Glance DL334684/01 9-93
4. CH Clearsky Pristine Kel Lee DL402334/02 3-94
5. CH Jade Mist Summer's Coming DL421880/01 11-94
6. CH Jade Mist What A Life DL484550/05 5-95
7. CH Jade Mist Play Me A Memory DL466490/01 7-95
8. CH Fran-Dor's Kelcie DL447751/01 7-95
9. CH Shadymist Summer Tradition DL520743/03 5-96
10. Ch Cataway Jade Mist S'No Illusion (B) ex Ch Bellevue Cataway Swiss Miss
11. Ch Cataway's Bewitching (B) ex Cataway Sasha of Sedgewick
12. Ch Barwoods Above N Beyond
13. Ch Barwoods Beyond Reason
14. A/C Ch Dublin Hill Touch of Jasmine
15. Ch Regalia's Beyond Belief
16. Ch Mcpenn Ilsaden O'Jandy
17. CH Barwoods Firestorm DL580845/06 4-97
18. CH Sedgwick Cocoa N Cream Pekoe DL457362/04 4-97
19. CH Sunway Panorama DL609713/05 6-97
20. CH Cataway Scattered Showers DL518927/02 9-97
21. Ch Barwoods Brushfire
22. Ch Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry
23. Ch Bernbrite Breakin' Tradition
24. Figures Little Miss Honkytonk
25. Ch Ryladd Says Dream OA
26. A/C Ch Laureate Beyond Illusion
27. Ch Dublin Hill Holiday Tradition
28. Ch Jade Mist Once Upon A Lifetime
29. Ch Cataway Selwyn Charisma
30. Ch Cataway Born to be Wild
31. Ch Springtime American Tradition AX AXJ
32. A/C Ch Rumor's Savannah
33. Ch Jade Mist Cove Winds Jet Stream
34. Ch Domaine's Destiny
35. Ch Jade Mist New Sun Rising

(As of the September 1999 Gazette, courtesy of Bob Miller)

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