Merle Lines from the blue merle import, Peabody Silver Phantasy

All of the dogs in this descent chart are merles, and blue merles unless marked otherwise. Note that this file is complete as far as ROMs are concerned, but not as regards breed Champions. Note also that an astersk (*) in front of a name indicates a dog with both parents merle. A pound sign (#) after a name means that the animal in question has no merle offspring in my files. Merle lines to ROM merles are in bold type.

Peabody Silver Phantasy

1. Arthea Blue Sparkler (d)
 2. Arthea Blue Sparklette (b)
  3. Ch Jessamyn o'Page's Hill# (b)
  3. Bluette of Kensington CDX (b)
   4. Kensington's Blue Frost (b)
    5. Happy Daze Alice Blue Gown (b)
     6. Ch Mori-Brook's Calico (b)
      7. Ch Mori-Brook's Icecapade CD CC (d)
       8. Blucreek's Tracy's Theme (b)
        9. Chisterling Rhapsody in Blue (b)
         10. Chisterling Silver Song (b)
          11. Ch Chisterlng Smoke Signals CD (d)
           12. *Chisterling Blue Heavenly# (b)
       8. Suncliffs' Azure Dawn (b)
        9. *Ch Suncliff's Chest o'Blu Chips# (d)
     6. Mori-Brook's Close Call CD# (b)
     6. A/C Ch Mori-Brook's Country Squire (d) ASSA BB
      7. Bleu Bleu of Holly Hill (d)
       8. Ch Ru-Ann Midnight Bleu Frost (b)
        9. Century Farms Country Charm ROM# (b)
      7. A/C Ch Laurolyn's Patti 0'M-B (b) ASSA BB
       8. Ch Mori-Brook's Knight on the Town (d)
        9. Westwood Star of Blue Knight (b)
         10. Novanders Sally of Westwood CD# (b)
        9. Mori-Brook's A Royal Request# (d)
      7. Ch Moribrook Welcome of Pocono (d)
       8. *Ch Suncliff's Chest o'Blu Chips# (d)
      7. Mori-Brook's Yours Truly (b)
       8. Moriibrook's A Royal Request# (b)
      7. Lochinvar Blue Boy of Valcopy (d)
       8. Moribrook's Xtra Delight# (b)
      7. Laurolyn Miss Pretzel# (b)

Most of Phantasy's merle influence came through her son, Grey Mist of Pocono, (by the tri Artful Dodger of Anahassitt) who was the grandsire of both Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM and of Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM, and provided their merle genes. Century Farms Country Charm ROM appears to be the only merle ROM that does not trace the merle gene to either Blue Flag or Larkspur or both. Note that all current ROM Shelties trace to Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono, a son of both Larkspur and Blue Flag. He is shown under Larkspur, which makes Blue Flag look less important than he is. Of course there is no way of knowing from which parent Finalist inherited his merle gene, but the ultimate source was definitely from Monthlethen Blue Prince through Grey Mist of Pocono.

1. Grey Mist of Pocono (d)
 2. Ch Pentstemon of Beech Tree CD (b)
  3. Bil-Bo-Dot Thimble (b)
   4. Ch Alandie Blue Blunder (d)
    5. Alandie Blue Sinner (d)
     6. Alandie Blues in the Night (d)
      7. Alandie Blue Cinderella (b)
       8. Ch Nodsoc Taro Blue Thunder UD# (d)
    5. Ch Alandie Blue Jade# (b)
   4. *Alandie Blue Melinda (b)
    5. Alandie Blue 'n Black# (b)
   4. Ch Alandie Blue Lily CD# (b)
  3. Ch Bil-Bo-Dot Blue Flag of Pocono ROM (d)
   4. Blue Feather of Pocono (b)
    5. Ch Dempsay's Blue Bill (d)
     6. *Blue Silhouette of Pocono (b, see below)
    5. Dempsay's Wee Jeanie of Argyle# (b)
    5. Dempsay's Blue Goodness# (b)
    5. E-Danha Blue Blossom (b)
     6. Ch Cherrilon Blue Moon (b)
      7. Cherrilon Lady Lunette (b)
       8. Grayson's Smokey (d)
        9. *Grayson's Cobalt Kid (b, below)
       8. *Grayson's Cobalt Kid (b)
        9. A/C Ch Wee Bonnie Blue Lass# (b)
      7. Cherrilon Blue Brocade# (d)
   4. Ch Blue Storm of Pocono (d)
    5. Ch Carrico's Blue Allure (d)
     6. Kismet's Desert Song (b)
      7. *Kismet's Desert Chieftan# (d)
      7. *Kismet's Sumatra# (b)
   4. Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono (d, see below)
   4. Laurelridge Storm Cloud (d)
    5. Geronomo Little Gentian (b)
     6. Ch Kinswood Challenge (d)
      7. Le O'Nita's Lady in Blue (b)
       8. Glengyle Blue Skies# (b)
    5. Spofford's Smoke Cloud (d)
     6. Spofford's Misty Blue# (b)
    5. Chestnut Burr Blue Headlight (d)
     6. Fascination's Flash of Kiloh (d)
      7. Bonnie Wee Un of Kiloh (b)
       8. Shad-n-Bon Blue Heather (b)
        9. Cedardale Silvermist (d)
         10. Cedardale Blue Blaze (d)
          11. Cedardale Calico King (d)
           12. Cedardale Blue Trix# (b)
         10. *Cedardale Silver Star# (b)
       8. Cedardale Surf (d)
        9. Cedardale Ocean Spray (b)
         10. *Cedardale Silver Star# (b)
   4. Little Blue of Gnilwoc (d)
    5. Blue Bonnet of Gnilwoc# (b)
   4. *Noble Lord of Montrose (d, below)
   4. Ch Royal Blue of Montrose (d, below)
   4. Sea Isle Dappled Grey (d)
    5. *Alandie Blue Melinda (b, above)
    5. Ch Geronimo's Little Gremlin UD
     6. *Sheltieland Abalone o'Sea Isle (b)
      7. *Ch Sheltieland Little Jack Frost# (d, Thistle)
     6. Geronimo Little Vixen (b)
      7. *Sheltieland Abalone o'Sea Isle (b, above)
   4. Sea Isle Delphinium of Pocono (b)
    5. Quicksilver of Pocono (d)
     6. Betty Lou of Gnilwoc (b)
      7. Blue Bonnet of Gnilwoc# (b)
   4. Ch Shelcort Anne# (b)
   4. *Shelt-E-Ain Twinkle# (b)
   4. Ch Scottish Gray of Faunbrook (d)
    5. Blue Valentine of Perkasie (b)
     6. Bellochanty's Blue Violet (b)
      7. Stardust of Perkasie (b)
       8. Glamour Girl of Perkasie (b)
        9. Shelmar Glamour of Perkasie# (b)
      7. Starry Night of Perkasie (d)
       8. Silvery Mist of Perkasie (b)
        9. Philjeans Bluette o'Perkasie# (b)
    5. Purling Brook of Perkasie (b)
     6. Myosotis of Perkasie# (b)
 2. Ch Sea Isle Merle Legacy CD (d)
  3. Ch Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM (b)
   4. Ch Alice Blue of Pocono (b)
    5. *Noble Lord of Montrose (d)
     6. Alandie Blue Mist of Glen-Ora# (b)
    5. *Ch Royal Blue of Montrose (d)
     6. Ch Bogota Blue Peter (d)
      7. Bogota Silver Pearl# (b)
     6. Shelcort Saltine Warrior (d)
      7. Shelcort Knight in Armour (d)
       8. Karelane Fair Lady of Pocono (b)
        9. *Ch Heir Apparent of Karelane (d, see below BH)
        9. *Lodgewood Chip of Cloudmere (b, see below BH)
        9. *Lodgewood Ice Blue o'Karelane (b, see below BH)
        9. *Ch Northwood Heiress o'Karelane (b, see below BH)
        9. *Ch Northwood Regent of Karelane (d, see below BH)
        9. *Indigo Heiress of Karelane (b, see below BH)
     6. Stadler's Patches (b)
      7. Kiloren Silver Apache# (d)
      7. Sealect Pure Silver (b)
       8. *Sealect Silver Darlene (b, below BQ)
     6. Noralee Lilac o'Cor-Mik# (b)
   4. Ch Blue Elegance of Pocono (b)
    5. Blue Mignonette of Pocono (b)
     6. Ch Pixie's Pride of Pocono (d)
      7. Ch Bykenhall's Blue Bandit# (d)
      7. Noralee Sea Mist (b)
       8. Timberidge Blue Tally# (b)
    5. Ch Blue Storm of Pocono (d)
     6. Ch Carrico's Blue Allure (d)
      7. Kismet's Desert Song (b)
       8. *Kismet's Desert Chieftan (d, see below BH)
      7. Ch Skyways Blue Command (d)
       8. *Skyways Apache Blue of Kismet (b)
        9. Ch Kismet's Wind Song at Sunup (b)
         10. Kismet's Sweet Freedom At Sunup (b)
          11. Ch Alibi's Blue is Blue at Sunup (b)
           12. Ch Kismet's Crown Jewel# (b)
      7. Ch Kismet's Blue Alladin (d)
       8. Ch Kismet's Shangrali (b)
        9. Ch Kismet's The Contender (d)
         10. *Kismet's Snow Flurry (b)
          11. Kismet's Blue Velvet# (b)
         10. Kismet's Happy Talk (b)
          11. Ch Kismet's High Hammock Blue Jay CD# (d)
        9. Cypress' Ice Krystal of Kismet (b)
         10. Ch Cypress' Blue Buccaneer UD (d)
          11. A/C Ch Highfield's Edge of Dawn UD# (d)
   4. Ch Blue Treasure of Pocono (b)
    5. *Blue Silhouette of Pocono (b)
     6. *A/C Ch Blue Quest of Pocono (d, see below)
     6. Ch Blue Beau of Pocono II UD# (d)
   4. *Ch Larkspur's Finalist of Pocono (d)
    5. A/C Ch Blue Quest of Pocono (d)
     6. *Ch Bilgowan Teacher's Pet (d)
      7. Bilgowan Lady Elizabeth (b)
       8. Naripa Lyric in Blue# (b)
      7. Bilgowan Blue Elegance (b)
       8. Bilgowan Bluetoo (b)
        9. Bilgowan Blithe Spirit# (d)
     6. *Reedbrooke Arcwood Blue Doll# (b)
     6. Reedbrooke Francy (b)
      7. *Reedbrooke Blue Mist of Flair (b, see below)
     6. Reedbrooke Request (d)
      7. *Reedbrooke Blue Mist of Flair (b)
       8. Blue Lace of Flair (b)
        9. Ch Lavender Blue of Flair (b)
         10. *Ch Flair Phoenix Blue# (d)
     6. *Sealect Silver Darlene (b)
      7. Kiloren Silver Chord (b)
       8. *Apple Acres Blue Waltz (b)
        9. Ch Silverleaf Kip of Parcana# (b)
       8. Ch Apple Acres True Blue CD (d)
        9. Ch Freedobev Apache Blue CD (d)
         10. *Merri Lon the Blue Tail Fly ROM (dbl m d)
          11. Ch Merri Lon Pencil Sketch# (b)
          11. Ch Merri Lon Mr Silver Pal CD# (d)
     6. Texas Blue of Ronas Hill# (d)
     6. Reedbrooke Silver Charm (b, to Canada)
      7. C Ch Hi-Hope's Gentian Satelier C CD
       8. Satelier's Gentian Replica (b)
        9. Satelier's Blue Velvet (b)
         10. *Quilcheenas Surprise Package (b, see below)
       8. Satelier's Gentian Heir (d)
        9. Satelier's Top o'the Mark (d)
         10. *Quilcheenas Surprise Package (b)
          11. A/C Ch Quilcheenas Blue Legend of Hi-Hope (b)
           12. Rebmel Blue Velvet (b)
            13. Ch Checkmates Say It Again# (d)
     6. Thistlerose Blue Vogue# (b)
     6. *Sealect White Christmas (b)
      7. Ch Cherrilon Blue Cavalier (d)
       8. Bonnikay's Charmin' Blue Lass (b)
        9. A/C Ch Bonnikay's Silver Solitaire# (d)
     6. *Ch Lakehill's Conquest (d)
      7. Lakehill Rare Jewel# (b)
    5. Crazy Quilt of Pocono (b)
     6. Kiloren Larkspur's Memory (b)
      7. Kiloren Moonbeam (b)
       8. Kiloren Moonstone o'Bilgowan (b)
         9. Ch Bilgowan Teacher's Pet (d, see above BQ)
       8. Ch Lakehill Portrait in Blue (b)
        9. Macdega Blue Portrait (b)
         10. Shatermir Silver Tassel (b)
          11. Shamont Touch of Blue (b)
           12. *Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM (dbl m d, below)
         10. Macdega Under the Rainbow (b)
          11. A/C Ch Shadow Hill's Blue Dynamic (d)
           12. *Shadow Hill's Double Trouble ROM (dbl m d)
            13. Ch Paradise Found# (b)
          11. Shadow Hill's Sunset CDX# (sable m b)
          11. Ch Shadow Hill's Sunrise (sable m b)
           12. Ch Shadow Hill Jazz on Prinhill# (d)
           12. Shadow Hill's Dr. Pepper# (d)
        9. *Ch Macdega Over the Rainbow# (b)
        9. Macdega Rainbow's End (b)
         10. Ch Woodbridge Miss Victoria# (b)
        9. Lakehill Macdega Pastel Blue# (b)
       8. *Ch Lakehill's Conquest (d, see above BQ)
      7. Ch Kiloren Silvertone# (d)
       8. Dorileen's Blue Carnival (d)
        9. *Dorileen's Silver Songbird CD (b)
         10. *Ch Rogene's Silver Sir Lancelot CD# (d)
     6. Kiloren Starmist of Pocono (b)
      7. *Magic Charm of Pocono (b, see below BH)
      7. Thistledown of Pocono (b)
       8. Kencroft Blue Tareyton (b)
        9. Ch Kencroft Blue Smoke (d)
         10. *Ch Flair Phoenix Blue (d, see above)
     6. Ch Kiloren's Silver Legend# (d)
    5. Ch Katie-J's Blue Dawn of Pocono (b)
     6. Ch Pixie Dell Royal Blue (d, ASSA BB)
      7. Blue Blend o'Page's Hill (b)
       8. Blue Haze o'Page's Hill# (b)
      7. Pixie Dell Blue Heather (b)
       8. Pixie Dell Indigo Melody (b)
        9. Can Ch Ridgeside Star Wars (d)
         10. *Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM (d)
          11. Shamont Ghost of a Chance ROM (dbl m d)
           12. Shamont Shadow of a Memory (sbl m b)
            13. Shamont Picture Perfect# (sbl m b)
           12. Shamont Fanfare (b)
            13. Ch Fiego Star of Africa# (b)
           12. Ch Macdega Dior (b)
            13. Ch Macdega The Chrome Pony (d)
             14. Sea Oak Diamonds Are Forever# (b)
          11. Brecon Blue on Blue# (b)
          11. Banchory Step Bi Step (b)
           12. Banchory Blue Moon# (b)
         10. Aylmere Thank Heaven (b)
          11. Ch Macdega One Day at a Time# (b, ASSA BB)
        9. Ridgeside Bonus Baby (b)
         10. Mainstay Almost Like a Song (b)
          11. Ch Mainstay Pieces of Dreams# (b)
        9. Ridgeside Stormsong (d)
         10. A/C Ch Severn Smoke on the Water# (d)
      7. Blue Charm o'Page's Hill# (b)
    5. Ch Laird's Charm of Pocono (b)
     6. Ch Lingard Blue Boy (d)
      7. Ch Lingard Blue Heather# (b)
      7. Lingard's Silver Penny (b)
       8. Ch Caralane's Little Dixie Blue# (b)
     6. Lingard Bluebell# (b)
    5. Ch Larkspur's Replica of Pocono ROM (b)
     6. Ch Blue Destiny of Pocono (b)
      7. Ch Sealect Silver Cheer (b)
       8. Bilgowan Boston Bargain (b)
        9. Ch Merri Lon Night Shadows (b) (ASSA BW)
         10. *Merri Lon The Blue Tail Fly ROM (d, see above)
         10. Merri Lon Shadow Silhouette# (b)
        9. Ch Merri Lon Will of a Wisp# (b)
       8. Bilgowan Bluezette (b)
        9. Show Off Silver Sequin (b)
         10. Ch Bahalema's Blue Mishka# (b)
      7. Willow Wand Pandora Blue (b)
       8. Vikingsholm Tom Fool (d)
        9. Babinette Bluebonnet (b)
         10. Ch Babinette King of the Blues (d)
          11. Ch Cinnabar Voyager Peggy O'Neal# (b)
     6. Ch Blue Echo of Pocono (d)
      7. Leewayne Lark of Carmylie (b)
       8. Tambrae Blue Aster (b)
        9. Alandie Blue Mischievous Mist (b)
         10. Misty Hills Blue Persuasion# (b)
     6. Ch Blue Heirloom of Pocono (d)
      7. *Kismet's Desert Chieftan# (d)
      7. *Kismet's Sumatra# (b)
      7. *Scothill Bluebonnet# (b)
     6. Ch Blue Heritage of Pocono ROM (d)
      7. Ch Blue Norther of Pocono CD (d)
       8. Belbonnie Silver Serenade (b)
        9. *Belbonnie Rhapsody In Blue (b)
         10. Top-O-Tex Trinket (b)
          11. Ch Be Boni What in Blue Blazes (d)
           12. *Ch Rogene's Silver Sir Lancelot CD# (d)
       8. Kencroft Blue Mulloy (d)
        9. *Belbonnie Rhapsody in Blue (b, see above)
      7. *Calico Maid of Pocono (b, see below)
      7. Faharaby Blue Babe of Pocono ROM (b)
       8. Ch Faharaby Blue Larkspur CD# (b)
       8. Ch Faharaby Blue Cloud# (d)
      7. *Hallmark's Heirloom of Pocono# (b)
      7. *Ch Northwood Regent of Karelane (d)
       8. *Ch Lingard Blu Mist of Northwood (b)
        9. Lingard's Star Spangled Girl# (b)
       8. Thistlerose Blu Heather (b)
        9. Scothill Bluebonnet# (b)
      7. *Ch Heir Apparent of Karelane (d)
       8. Karelane Bluebird o'Feracres (b)
        9. Tribal Princess of Karelane (b)
         10. Jeansdream Blue Soverign (d)
          11. *Jeansdream Petite Princess (b, see above)
       8. Ch Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM (d)
        9. Banchory Half Moon (b)
         10. Clan Duncan Banchory Bluette (b)
          11. Ch Banchory Thunder Blue ROM (d)
           12. Ch Banchory Billie Holiday (b)
            13. *Catomco's Kitty Holiday# (b)
           12. *Horizon White Ice (dbl m b, below)
           12. Ch Stonewall Michelangelo (d)
            13. Rhythm in Blue of Edlen (b)
             14. Ch Blue Horizon of Edlen# (d)
           12. *Banchory-Excalibur Elite (b)
            13. Ch Banchory Iron Clad Alibi# (d)
           12. Banchory Blue Velvet (b)
            13. Excalibur Turn 'Em On (b)
             14. *Banchory Excalibur Elite (b, above)
             14. *Banchory Excalubur Ecstasy (b, below)
           12. Akirene's South Sea Blue (b, to Canada)
            13. *Akirene's El Solo Blue Ecstasy (b)
             14. El Solo Sweet Sadie o'Grapin CD# (b)
           12. *Banchory Misty Blue (b)
            13. Ch Madselin's Grand Slam CD (d)
             14. *Akirene's El Solo Blue Ecstasy (b, above)
           12. Chatagold's Blue Persuasion# (b)
           12. Stella Bi Stonewall (b)
            13. Ch Ceasar Bi Stonewall# (d)
            13. Ch Liz Bi Stonewall (b)
             14. Ch Shadypines the Elizabethian ROM# (d)
           12. *Banchory Silver Thaw UD# (d)
           12. Akirene's Snowbird (b, to Canada)
            13. *Banchory Winter Storm (b)
             14. A/C Ch Cameo Fantasy in Blue# (b)
           12. *Banchory-Excalibur Ecstasy (b)
            13. Banchory Shasta Kalina (b)
             14. Ch Banchory Thousands Cheered CC (b)
              15. Tall Timber Constant Comment (b)
               16. *Tall Timber Sierra Tango (b)
                17. Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco ROM# (d)
           12. Cameo Chantilly Lace (b)
            13. Ch Cameo Nick in Time# (d, ASSA BOS)
           12. Clan Duncan Cobalt (d)
            13. Clan Duncan Once in a Blue Moon (b, below)
           12. Banchory Silver Rose# (b)
           12. Roydon Caledon's April Snow CDX (b)
            13. Caledon Perfectly Clear (b)
             14. Ch Caledon Partly Cloudy ROM# (b)
         10. *Clan Duncan Once in a Blue Moon (b)
          11. Clan Duncan Blue Bandanna (b)
           12. Windom Shandoah Will o'Wisp CD (b)
            13. Ch Will o'Wisp Shandoah Jetsong# (d, ASSA BW)
        9. Banchory Pamper of Maywood (b)
         10. Banchory Flash of Blue (b)
          11. *Horizon White Ice (dbl m b)
           12. A/C Ch Banchory Deep Purple ROM (d)
            13. Banchory A Blue Nun (b)
             14. *Ch Macdega Proof Positive ROM (d, above)
             14. Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM (d)
             14. A/C Ch Banchory Classic Image ROM (d)
            13. Marcinda Mondae Mornin Blues (b)
             14. Caledon's Sea Prism At Arklow (d)
              15. Collirene's Sweet Sea Song# (b)
            13. Ch SumerSong Winter Shadows ROM (d)
             14. SumerSong the Blue Falcon (d)
              15. Ch SumerSong The Blue Rose# (b, ASSA BOS)
            13. Ch Harvest Hill's Soft Spoken Blue (b)
             14. *Shadow Hill's Double Trouble ROM (dbl m d, above)
            13. Banchory Celestial# (b)
            13. A/C Ch Caper Hills Song Sung Blue# (b)
            13. *Banchory Winter Storm (b, above)
            13. Roranjoli's Bi Popular Demand# (b)
            13. Sunebank Winter Holiday ROM# (b)
            13. Ch Glenwood's Shadow Dancing# (b)
            13. *Catomco's Kitty Holiday# (b)
           12. Banchory Partly Cloudy (b)
            13. Banchory Ice Follie (b)
             14. A/C Ch Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM
              15. Banchory Fancy Colors (b)
               16. Banchory Executive Flight (d)
                17. Blue Ice n Ebony Bi Stonewall (b)
                 18. Ch Classique's Destiny in Blue# (d) 
              15. Macdega No Matter What (b)
               16. Ch Macdega Time Bandit (d)
                17. Ch Macdega Sultana ROM# (b)
               16. Macdega Ultra Suede (b)
                17. Macdega Ulta Violet (b)
                 18. Ch Macdega Deniro ROM# (d)
              15. Ch Shal-Dan Shel-Lee's Blue Lagoon# (b)
              15. A/C Ch Alfenloch Rio Lane Glacier# (d)
              15. Banchory Silver Spotlight ROM# (d)
              15. Dear's Silver Fantasy# (b)
           12. Banchory Diamond Solitaire (b)
            13. Ch Banchory Rebel Blue (d)
             14. Hadrick's Shooting Star (b)
              15. A/C Ch Banchory In Dress Blues# (d)
          11. Banchory Blue Torch (b)
           12. *Banchory Misty Blue (b, above)
         10. Banchory Rivendell Rainbow (b)
          11. Rivendell Silver Scandal (b)
           12. Ch Jer-Nic Silver Coin of Pocono# (d)
         10. Banchory Sugar Blue# (b)
        9. Banchory Zetland Dusky Glow (b)
         10. Banchory Heaven Sent# (b)
         10. Ch Banchory Silver Sonnet (b)
          11. Rivendell Forget Me Not# (b)
        9. *Ch Macdega Over the Rainbow (b, see above)
        9. Ch Philidove Carmylie In a Mist (b)
         10. Ch Philidove Kismet Heir Borne ROM (d)
          11. Kismet's Cee Dee Pollyanna (b)
           12. Ch Karelane Royal Flush o'Kismet ROM (d)
            13. Ch Calico Lace of Pocono# (b)
            13. Ch Century Farm's Trump o'Woodhue (d)
             14. Ch Kismet's Brushed Pewter# (d)
             14. Ch Kankun's Lil Swinger# (b)
            13. Kismet's Brocade# (b)
         10. Ch Philidove Benevolent Anthony (d)
          11. Flair Benevolent Sunshine (d)
           12. Ch Sundene' Southern Soldier (d)
            13. Sundene' Seventh Heaven (b)
             14. Sundene' La Boheme (b)
              15. DJT's Halloween Silver Moon# (b)
          11. Ch Willow Wand Benevolent Touch (d)
           12. Willow Wand All-That-Glitters# (b)
          11. Ch the Blue Danube CDX# (d)
        9. Julaine Ocean Blue (b)
         10. Banchory Whipped Cream (b)
          11. Ch Banchory Silver Thaw UD# (d)
        9. Daisytara Snow Baby (b)
         10. Doxiewynd Shawnee of Nervina (b)
           11. Ch Macdega Cover Story# (d)
        9. *Ch Banchory Sea Me o'Brig o'Dune (b)
         10. Brig o'Dune Caviar (b)
          11. Ch Chata Gold's Silver Frost# (b)
         10. Brig o'Dune's Sea Metu (b)
          11. Shelando Sunlight Blu Frost# (b)
         10. Brig o'Dune's Sea Mist (b)
          11. Ch Miapopper of Misty Glen's UD# (b)
        9. *Ch Banchory Color Me Blue (b)
         10. Kismet's Barely Blue (b)
          11. *Kismet's Snow Flurry (b, see above)
         10. Banchory Earth Angel# (b)
       8. Lanbur Blue Bonny of Karelane (b)
        9. *Ch Waldenwood Bonny's Blue Clyde (d)
         10. Rosmoor Lark's Legacy (b)
          11. Rosmoor Lark's Reflection (b)
           12. Ch B'Field Cryst'l Blu Persuasion ROM (b)
            13. B'Field What About Me (b)
             14. Ch B'Field's True Colors CD HC ROM# (b)
        9. *Lanbur's Silver Splendor (b)
         10. Ch Waldenwood Diamond Glo (d)
          11. *Ch Waldenwood Bonny's Blue Clyde (d, see above)
          11. Ch Greenview's Patch Work (b)
           12. Blue Mystic Lady (b)
            13. Chisterling Blue Heavenly# (b)
       8. Heavenly Pennu of Karelane (b)
        9. First Valentine of Karelane# (b)
       8. Silver Pine Nickey Blue# (d)
      7. *Lodgewood Chip of Cloudmere (b)
       8. Lodgewood Queen o'Banchory (b)
        9. Roydon Anastasia Blue Lady (b)
         10. C Ch Roydon's Blutweed of Marshelt (b to Canada)
       8. Lodgewood Sonata ROM (b)
        9. Ch Banchory Blueberry Muffin (b)
         10. *Banchory Pamper of Maywood (b, above)
        9. Ch Lodgewood Tempo Primo (b)
         10. Banchory Blue Diamond (b)
          11. Banchory Silver Fanfare# (b)
         10. Banchory Mist o'Brigadoon CD ROM (b)
          11. A/C Ch Brig o'Dune's Amoret Bi-Azure (b)
           12. Brig o'Dune's Blueberry Bunny (b)
            13. A/C/M Ch A/C OTCH Merriley's Steely Dan Mex UD# (d)
          11. *Ch Banchory Sea Me o'Brig o'Dune (b, see above)
          11. *Ch Banchory Color Me Blue (b, see above)
        9. Ch Roydon's Stars 'n Stripes# (b)
       8. Ch Lodgewood Bluette# (b)
      7. *Lodgewood Ice Blue of Karelane (b)
       8. Forever the Ice Folly (to Canada - bm?)
        9. Can Ch Forever Blue Flag CD (d, bm? can't trace blue)
       8. Can Ch Forever The Blue Bonnet(b)
        9. Ch Forever Pawthorne Blue Eclipse (b)
         10. Ch Rosewood's Christy the Clown# (b)
      7. *Ch Northwood Heiress o'Karelane (b)
       8. Northwood Blue Heather (b)
        9. *Jeansdream Petite Princess (b)
         10. Ch Gaelic Glen Vanguard# (d)
       8. Northwood Dungaree Doll (b)
        9. Beech Tree Little Bit o'Blue# (b)
        9. Beech Tree Blue Denim (d)
         10. Beech Tree Wistwin Blu Heaven (b)
          11. Wistwin Happy Girl (b)
           12. Dwalin's Declaration in Blue (b)
            13. Dwalin Horizon Blue# (b)
      7. *Magic Charm of Pocono (b)
       8. Krazy K's Silver Lining# (b)
       8. Blue Sky of Krazy K (b)
        9. Spook Holler's Misty-Too# (b)
      7. *Indigo Heiress of Karelane (b)
       8. Ch Lanbur Christmas Legend CD (d)
        9. *Lanbur's Silver Splendor (b, see above)
      7. *Blucreek's Witch Doctor# (d)
      7. Blue Rose of Pocono (b)
       8. Malcolm McBain of Pocono (d)
        9. Tiny Silver of Walnut Hall# (b)
        9. Bluefire of Pocono (b)
         10. Ch Forget-Me-Not of Pocono (b, see below)
      7. *Ch Forget-Me-Not of Pocono (b)
       8. Faverdale Blue Sparkle# (b)
     6. Ch Kiloren Silver Mist of Pocono (b)
      7. Kiloren Blue Mist of Pocono (b)
       8. Browne Acres Blu Toby of Pocono (d)
        9. *Apple Acres Blue Waltz (b, see above)
      7. Kiloren Blue Boy of Pocono (d)
       8. Silver Star of Pocono# (b)
    5. Ch Little Blue Pearl of Pocono (b)
     6. *Reedbrooke Arcwood Blue Doll (b, see above)
    5. Ch Thistlerose Silver Belle (b)
     6. *Calico Maid of Pocono (b)
      7. Lodgewood Small Fry of Pocono# (b)
      7. Silver Talisman of Pocono CD (d)
       8. Brandwyne Sugar Blue# (b)
     6. Silver Gift of Pocono (b)
      7. *Hallmark's Heirloom of Pocono# (b)
     6. Thistlerose Blue Belle (b)
      7. Ch Thistlerose High Tor Trojan (d)
       8. Pinefrost Hector of Troy (d)
        9. Pinefrost Apollo# (d)
    5. Daybreak of Pocono II (b)
     6. Chisterling Blue Moon (b)
      7. Ch Chisterling Dawn o'Maryknoll# (b)
   4. Pocono Blue Flax o'Timberidge (b)
    5. Timberidge Tyrian (b)
     6. Ch Kinswood Blue Citatiion A/C CD# (d)
   4. Pocono Trinket of Windy Oaks (b, to Canada)
    5. Blue Flag of Ronas Hill (d)
     6. Blueberry Pie of Ronas Hill (d)
      7. Ch Aron-Kae Blue Vixen CD (b)
       8. Alice Blue Gown(b)
        9. Skyways Lebra Azul (b)
         10. *Skyways Apache Blue of Kismet (b, see above)
   4. Ch Blue Petal of Pocono# (b)
 2. Blue Aster of Pocono# (b)
 2. Plaid Pocono o'the Picts# (d)
 2. Blue Flame of Pocono (b)
  3. Blue Lady of Pocono II (b)
   4. Blue Jewel of Pocono (b)
   4. Indigo of Pocono (b)
    5. Shelt-E-Ain Heather# (b)
    5. *Shelt-E-Ain Twinkle# (b)
 2. Sea Isle Mary Blue (b)
  3. Oakrest Best Actress (b)
   4. La Luz Arneson# (b)
 2. Blue Gown of Pocono# (b)

The third merle offspring of Phantasy petered out fairly quickly as far as the merle line was concerned.

1. Pocono Pansy of Beech Tree (b)
 2. Beech Tree Larkspur (b)
  3. Beech Tree Gray Dawn of Merit (d)
   4. Beech Tree Bachelor Button II# (d)
 2. Beech Tree Sweet Lavender# (b)

This bitch has no direct merle line to merle Champions in my file.


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updated March 8, 2010