Ch Just-A-Mere Brandy CC

Sable dog, born November 6, 1960, breeder Donna Shadburne
Line BB; Family 2 Part IV, call name "Brandy"
Brandy earned 104 Best of Breed placements between 1961 and 1970.


			Welldalecote Gain (UK import)
		Ch Ray-Eden's Piccolo
			Ch Ray-Eden's Rhapsody
	Ray-Eden's Golden Rythm
			Ch Timberidge Target
		Ray-Eden's Dot-E-of-Noralee
			Ch Noralee Autumn Shadow
Ch Just-A-Mere Brandy CC
			Ch Timberidge The Student Prince
		Ch Ray-Eden's Prince Royal
			Ray-Eden's Quint Marie
	Just-A-Mere Holiday
			Welldalecote Gain (UK import)
		Ray-Eden's Sweet Dream
			Ray-Eden's Honeymoon

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