U.S. Line BB

Ch Bodachan of Clerwood (imported)
  1. Keep Goin ROM t   [Family 1 bitch]

Bodachan is actually much more important than his tail male line suggests. He sired several Shelties who play an important role in modern bloodlines, including Sunny Girl of Anahassitt, the head of Family 2 Part V.

Welldalecote Gain s.
  1. Ch Ray-Eden's Piccolo s
    2. Ray-Eden's Golden Rhythm s
      3. Ch Just-A-Mere Brandy CC s

Welldalecote Gain also appears in the pedigrees of Ch Rosmoor Robert of Migadala ROM, Ch B'field Crystl Blu Persuasion ROM and Marisu's Jewel of Arrowhead ROM.

Other BB males imported to the US and appearing in ROM pedigrees carry down through female lines. They are:

Misty of Greyhill s.
He sired the first Sheltie litter whelped in this country that carries down to today's Shelties. His daughter Sheltieland Black Eyed Susan [US Family 3] still heads an active family, one that has just produced its first ROM in direct female descent. Misty is also behind a large number of modern English dogs through Eng Ch Alasdair of Tintobank.

Ch Farburn Captain s.

He sired several bitches and one dog, Yankey Skipper, who carries on only through his daughters. However, Captain's daughter Lady Patricia of Add-A-Bit dominates Family 5 Part I; another daughter, Sheltieland Ket, heads modern Family 3.

Eng/Am Ch Rob Roy of Page's Hill s.

He sired 7 Champions, but was primarily an outstanding sire of brood bitches, including Cherokee Rose o'Page's Hill, Comes Springtime o'Page's Hill, Firebird o'Page's Hill,, Ch Meadow Sweet o'Page's Hill, Pixie Dell Dark Rapture, Rob Roy's Crocus o'Page's Hill, and Fantasia of Windover. He sired three Champions and two non Champion producers for Page's Hill when bred to Anahassitt April Lady ROM, and can also be found behind family 12. His direct male line in this country was relatively short, apparently dying out before the first US Handbook was published.

Tilford Tartan o'Sheltieland s.

He comes into modern pedigrees through two daughters: Ch Eltham Park Elyned of Far Sea [Family 2 Part I] was bred in England and imported by Far Sea; Sheltieland Bittersweet [Family 4] was bred in the US. Tartan died young, and I believe Bittersweet was the only survivor of his only US litter.

Tilford Tulla s.

He sired Helga of Bagaduce [Family 5 Part I] and Sea Isle Ember Glow [Family 4].

Golden Web of Houghford s.

He sired several offspring that carry on, including Ch Classic's Kingly Khan and Tiny Leatha of Walnut Hall [Family 2 Part II], the dam of Faharaby Blue Babe of Pocono ROM.

Hallinwood Skylon s.

He sired a number of important Shelties in Canada, mostly for Hilmar, Willow-Acres and Minonamee. His daughter Willow-Acres Patty became the dam of Ch Richmore Repeat Performance ROM, the dam of Ch Wyndcliff-Richmore Striking CC. He is behind current lines through Hilmar and Wynfield imports, as well, with Wynfield's Best Try [Family 12 Part I bitch] being the great-granddam of Ch Kismet's Conquistador ROM, while Hilmar's Bubblin' Over [Family 5 Part II bitch] comes through Habilu and Lindhurst dogs to a number of modern Peter-line Shelties including Ch Macdega Mainstay ROM.

Helensdale Windrush s.

He sired Shelt-E-Ain Freya, who is behind Ch Fourwinds Go For The Gold ROM and her descendants.

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