BIS A/C Ch Winsawn's First Choice UD HT Can CDX CC

Sable dog, whelped May 5, 1981, breeder E. Janes
Line CHE Part IIf; Family 2 Part V, call name "Winner"
Winner was Best of Breed at 112 shows, including 6 specialties.


			Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM
		Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM
			Ch Beltane Romayne
	Ch Chenterra Yankee Tradition
			Ch Chenterra Reflection CD
		Chenterra Sophistication
			Chenterra Commotion
BIS A/C Ch Winsawn's First Choice UC HT CC
			BIS Ch Chenterra Thunderatiion ROM 2CC
		Ch Chenterra Standing Ovation
			Chenterra Flirtation
	Win-Sawn Leading Lady
			Chenterra's Inspiration
		Chenterra's Affection CD
			Chenterra Commotion

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