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History of Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM

Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM was a sable dog, bred by Dr. and Mrs. Kavanaugh but owned for most of his life by Sea Isle. "Jack" was by Ch Malpsh the Duke of Erle ex Ch Kawartha's Fair Game ROM, whelped March 8, 1963. At the time he was being shown, his front and rear never seemed to match. As he matured, this fault disappeared and his movement actually became one of his strong points. By this time, however, he was no longer being shown.

He shone as a sire of producers. While he sired only 12 Champions, two of those Champions between them gave him well over 200 Champion grandchildren. The breed as we know it today would hardly exist without the contribution of this dog, who sired both Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM and Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM. He is Line CHE Part IId and Family 6.
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Photograph of Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM

Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM, left foreground, with his sire Ch Malpsh the Duke of Erle in the right background.

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Producing Record of Fair Play of Sea Isle ROM

1. Ch Halstors Peter Pumpkin ROM (D) (ex A/C/B Ch Sea Isle Rhapsody of Halstor)
2. Ch Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM (D) (ex Ch Beltane Romayne)
3. Ch Beltane Kitty MacLeish (B) (ex Beltane Solitaire 1-70)
4. Ch Beltane Mary MacNeil (B) (ex Beltane Solitaire 1-70)
5. Ch Beltane Shivaree (B) (ex Beltane High Barbaree 12-72)
6. Ch Flair The Boy Next Door (D) (ex Ch Flair Peg O' My Heart 6-69)
7. Ch Kiloren Sugarplum (B) (ex Ch Kiloren September Song 5-70)
8. Ch Rorralore Play Fair (D) (ex Rorralore Mary Rose 8-74)
9. Ch Sheldor Lucy Van Pelt (B) (ex Ch Sheldor Cinderella 12-70)
10. Ch Sheldor The Jolly Rogue (D) (ex Ch Sheldor Cinderella 12-70)
11. Ch Sho-Moor Instant Replay (D) (ex Sea Isle Mystic Maid 6-73)
12. Ch Tull-E-Ho's Taylor Maid (B) (ex Ch Tull-E-Ho's Delilah O'Westwood)

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