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History of Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt

Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt was a tricolor dog, whelped May 17, 1930 in England, where he was bred by Mrs. Baker of Houghton Hill. He was purchased as a puppy by Mrs. Wm. F. Dreer and registered in the United States in the December 1930 Stud Book.

Dancing Master was consistently described by Betty Whelen as one of the best of the early tricolors, though a little soft coated. He was the sire of her foundation bitch, Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt, and comes into modern lines fairly heavily through Pocono breeding. His sire, Eng Ch Uam Var of Houghton Hill, was known to carry black and white, and Dancing Master almost certainly brought the gene to this country. His producing list includes all of his offspring appearing in modern ROM pedigrees. He was Line CHE Part III and Family 8.

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Photograph of Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt


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               Chestnut Rainbow
          Nut of Houghton Hill
               Chestnut Sweet Lady (Collie)
     Eng Ch Uam Var of Houghton Hill
               Nut of Houghon Hill
          Lace Cap of Houghton Hill
               Granny of Houghton Hill
Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt
               Chestnut Lucky Boy
          Eng Ch Blaeberry of Clerwood
               Chestnut Blossom
     Ballet Girl of Houghton Hill
               King Cole of Houghton Hill
          Tango of Houghton Hill (black and tan)
               Gorse Cressida of Houghton Hill

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Producing Record of Ch Dancing Master of Anahassitt

1. Ch Anahassitt Animation (b) ex Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
2. Ch Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt (b) ex Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
3. Ch Gigolo of Anahassitt (d, ASSA BB 1934) ex Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
4. Anahassitt Aspiration (b) ex Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
5. Black Jack of Anahassitt (d) ex Ch Alice of Anahassitt
6. Masterpiece of Pocono (d, 4 Chs) ex Ch Alice of Anahassitt
7. Punch of Add-A-Bit (d) ex Lovely Jean of Add-A-Bit
8. Victoria of Anahassitt (b) ex Longleigh's Honey o'the Hills
9. Wean of Bigga ex Anahassitt Atalanta ROM
All of the above except Gigolo appear in ROM pedigrees.

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